Sunday, November 04, 2007

I made a poll! :)

I added a poll on the right side of this screen for those of you who wish to vote for a name for Elementary 24. Think that's enough of a post for today to fulfill my unofficial NaBloPoMo goal? Yeah, probably not...but the fact that I'm calling the goal "unofficial" means that I'm probably not going to reach it anyway. So, you get a rambling but very short story...

Due to some poor scheduling on my part, Jeremy had to take both boys to their doctor's office yesterday while I was at the Naming Committee meeting so Connor could get his flu shot. Luckily the kid loves doctors so it wasn't hard on Jeremy by any means. Connor insisted that he wear his scrubs and I guess the nurse got a big kick out of that. Apparently he didn't even wince when the needle went in and, just as in the past, hopped down from the table and thanked the nurse before leaving. :)

The rest of yesterday and all day today he gave Jeremy and I pretend shots complete with pretend cleaning of the injection site, sound effects for the needle going in (which sounds more like a jackhammer), and pretend band-aids in the color we ask for. He wore those same scrubs again today since his arm was a little sore and he thought Dr. Dean would handle it better in uniform. Too cute :)

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  1. Sounds like you have a future doctor in the family!