Saturday, November 03, 2007

Naming Committee

I joined the committee in charge of coming up with three name suggestions for our new elementary school, currently called Elementary #24. Even though we don't have kids in elementary school yet, I wanted to be involved in the process since Connor will likely start there for kindergarten in 2009 and Logan might get to go to preschool there starting the same year.

Anyway, we had our first Naming Committee meeting this morning and went through all the names submitted via the school district's website. On the first pass we just decided whether it met the district's naming criteria - the school has to be named after A. a geographic area, B. a community location or C. in honor of a deceased individual who made a significant contribution to the field of education at either the local, state or national level. Those criteria were displayed on the name submittal page so only a couple of names didn't fit. After that, we narrowed it down to ten by going through each name, giving pros and cons and then voting on a "fist to five" scale - holding up a fist if we really didn't like the name to five fingers if it was great. When we got down to ten names, each of the 14 or 15 committee members got to vote for their top three and from there we discovered our top ten was really a top five (since 5 of them didn't get any votes). So, the five naming suggestions are (drum roll please):

1. Blue Sky Elementary School
2. Blue Skies Elementary School
3. Coyote Ridge Elementary School
4. River Valley Elementary School
5. Meeker Elementary School

Blue Sky(ies) was suggested because the new school is right next to a city park called Blue Skies park and we also live in beautiful Colorado where we have many more days of blue skies than clouds. Coyote Ridge was suggested because there are a lot of coyotes in the area and the school is sort of on a ridge - this one was stretching the community/geoegraphic location criteria a bit but we figured it was similar enough to neighboring Eagle Crest Elementary's name that the school board would go for it. River Valley was suggested by a 4th grade class at Eagle Crest. Meeker is because Mt. Meeker is the most prominent mountain to our west, named after Nathan C. Meeker who was one of the founders of Union Colony which later became Greeley, Colorado.

So, which choice should I lobby for? We each have to talk to our friends and neighbors to get their opinions and area residents will get a chance to voice their opinion after they receive a letter from the principal announcing that their homes are now in the new elementary's boundary. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!


  1. I vote for Coyote Ridge. I think coyotes are some of the most unrecognized "underdogs" in our country, yet they have such a substantial part to play in our ecosystem. They do it with coy, cunning, and many times right under our noses without us even noticing. They are just there getting the job done. :)

  2. I like Blue Skies Elementary the best! I should add, I had an idea the LAST day I could have submitted a name, but wasn't near the computer! Mr. Gary Taylor, husband of Nettie Taylor at Westview Middle School, passed away just over a week ago, and he was an educator in our community (had his PhD in education, in fact). I hope to suggest Gary Taylor Elementary at some point in the future! :)

    But I think Blue Skies Elementary would be a lovely name!

  3. I really like Blue Skies Elementary. The ONLY downside (Principal Kristie brought this up at the coffee talk I attended) was that the initals are BS. :) Other than that, I really like and would vote for Blue Skies!

  4. I like Blue Skies (w/ a "s" to be consistent with the park name). I'm a teacher in the school district. I think this name has a positive and upbeat ring to it!

  5. I like Blue Sky Elementary (sky is easier to say then skies). The BS moniker doesn't bother me.
    It just seems so perfect since it's overlooking the park of the same name.
    ~Kim Urdiales

  6. I put my vote in for Blue Skies Elementary as well. I like it since that's the name of the park, plus I just think it has a good ring to it. My daughter should be starting kindergarten there in 2010.

  7. Blue Sky or Skies could apply to any to any location in the world. I appreciate the fact that it is located next to our neighborhood park with the same name but it seems awfully generic and uninspired. Using this theme we could call it Green Grass or Gentle Breeze Elementary.

    River Valley – same as above except I’m not sure what river and valley to which we are referring and has no neighborhood reference point.

    Coyote Ridge is ok, we do have plenty of coyotes running around and it is a fun name for the kids. Question: To what ridge are we referring?

    Meeker Elementary – somewhat of a CO historical figure and is very identifiable right outside of the school. Would also help the kids and community properly identify Mt Meeker as the face and peak in front of Long’s. Seems like a good choice.

  8. I like Blue Skies a lot. Blue Sky IS easier to say but having the name the same as the park will avoid confusion. Also, it would be BSE, not BS. I'll give honorable mention to Coyote as well (the kids would certainly like it) but BSE gets my official vote.

    Kim Tucker
    1st and 3rd grader will attend next year.

  9. The name for Blue Skies Park was inspired by the fact that it is located close to our small Airport and has an Airplane theme.
    I don't this it's too generic at all!!
    My vote is for Blue Skies Park- remember this is a grade school.

  10. Coyote Ridge. My husband, daughter, and I were out on an early morning jog next to the new school yesterday. As we crossed into the open space accross from the school there was a beautiful coyote running along the path. He stopped and watched us (and we him) for a few moments, and then he was off to hunting again! Absolutely fantastic!


  11. Blue Sky sounds very nice. I assume that there will be some Spanish speaking students also, so Cielo Azul says a lot too!!!

  12. Definitely Blue Sky! It's easy to pronounce, very simple, nothing fancy, but still so beautiful. Just like the sky in Colorado every day of the year. :)

  13. I think Coyote Ridge is perfect. Easy to find a mascot, doesn't leave us with the "BS" initial and Blue Sky Bridge in Boulder is a organization that deals with severely abused children...should not be confused with our healthy, loving, safe, new school. Also, eagles and coyotes are great siblings in Native American culture.

  14. Hi Nikki - great blog! We are in the Eagle Crest boundaries, but I have been to one of the coffee talks and am interested to see what direction they take with this new school. I vote for Blue Sky, it has nice ring to it, and goes well with the park. (I went to a Sunny Hills Elementary in Seattle, where it was never sunny, and I loved the genrically happy name!) Melanie

  15. Blue Sky is perfect for Colorado--the others are just corny.