Thursday, January 31, 2008

The wisdom of a 4 year old

Connor: Mommy, will you play a game with me?

Me: Sure, which game?

Connor: I don't know but it has to be a game for two people to play because if you play a game by yourself you'll get very lonely.

Very true :)

When we picked up Connor from farm school today he hugged Logan for a long time (until Logan squirmed away) and told him that he missed him a lot while he was at school. He then told me that we need to give Logan a picture of him (Connor) so that Logan can look at it any time he misses Connor. So sweet!

We hope you had a great January! What happened to this whole month anyway?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is the world coming to?

So on Monday I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. I thought it would be very useful to my family and others if there was somewhere we could take our children on the evening of Tuesday, February 5th, for a few hours so that both parents could attend their party's presidential caucus. I thought the perfect place for this in Longmont would be Bounce Town since they are very kid friendly and offered a similar service in December - they called it Drop 'n Shop and parents could drop off their kids for 4 hours of bouncing, movies and pizza while they theoretically did last minute Christmas shopping. Connor attended one of the Drop 'n Shop sessions and had a great time! So I called Bounce Town and asked the woman who answered the phone if they'd be willing to offer a similar event for the day of Colorado's caucuses. She said she'd talk to the owner and get back to me. Great! She called back and said the owner might be willing to do it but asked if I knew of other moms that would be interested. Naively I thought that of course other moms would be interested and told her I'd e-mail a moms group I'm in and see if I could gauge how many people would attend. Wouldn't people jump at the chance to let their kids have lots of fun while both parents went to their caucus? I immediately sent the e-mail out to the group of just over 100 Longmont moms asking if they'd use this service if Bounce Town provided it and would you like to hear the response?

Are those crickets I hear chirping?

Ok, ok, there were technically a couple of responses. One suggested I use the babysitting co-op group they have as part of the moms group but, oh yeah, you have to register for it and attend an organizational meeting and the next meeting isn't until after the caucus. The other responses were women asking for more details on the babysitting co-op that the first response had mentioned. Ugh.

So the way I look at it I'm either the only one in the group that doesn't have childcare available for that night or I'm the only one in the group who wants to participate in the presidential caucus. I really really hope it's not that I'm the only one who wants to participate....

Unfortunately I had to call Bounce Town and tell them that sadly over 100 moms in Longmont have no interest in my idea but that I really appreciated their willingness to hold such an event. Sigh...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Some pics from Saturday...

Just sharing some pictures from Saturday!

Logan's getting the stuffing squeezed out of him :)

Logan perfected this position while he was sick last week - left hand is holding on tight to the tag on any stuffed animal while he sucks his right thumb. He doesn't care which stuffed animal it is, as long as it has a nice tag to squeeze! He actually got confused the other night when holding on to a tag in each hand and then he couldn't figure out how to get his thumb in his mouth!

We went to Flatiron Crossing mall on Saturday afternoon and Jeremy and Connor took a few spins around their small outdoor ice rink.

Even Logan got in on the action a bit as Jeremy pulled him around on a sled they provide for the little guys! He loved it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Logan's 18 month appointment

It's been a whole week since my last post? We've really just been in survival mode since then because both boys have been sick. Connor just had a cold toward the end of last week and is over it now but Logan seems to have caught it too. His temperature peaked at 103.9 (eek!) on Monday night and of course hasn't been sleeping very well so none of us are fully rested. I was reassured by the Children's Hospital phone nurse that they don't really worry about temperatures until they reach 105 and the child is medically lethargic, not responding at all or making eye contact, so even though Logan was acting ok and not dehydrated 103.9 was still scary! Anyway, he seems to be on the mend now...

Logan had his 18 month appointment today and he's growing like a weed! He is 34 inches tall which is the 90th percentile for 18 month old boys and weighs 24 lbs 15 oz which is in the 45th percentile. He's only 10 lbs lighter than Connor! Luckily Connor still has a decent height advantage! We're also going to have his speech evaluated next month just to be on the safe side. He's on the low end of normal for the number of words he says which the doctor is attributing to the couple of ear infections he's had over the last several months, but we're going to go ahead with an evaluation just to be sure. It's free so, why not? His ears looked good today so hopefully we can avoid any more infections before the evaluation!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's been so long since I've posted any pictures! :)

Logan had to get in on the underwear action. I guess we don't buy new clothes often enough because both boys are really excited about Connor's new underwear! haha

Connor got to hold Rhyann's baby sister, Savannah, for the first time this week! He was very gentle with her :)

And I'm just throwing in this picture because I like how blue Logan's eyes are in it!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

He shared his...underwear?!

Yes, I'll explain that post title! On Friday night we went to Kohl's and bought Connor 3 packs of underwear. They were "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" so Connor picked out a package with baseball team names, another with Shrek characters and another with characters from the Cars movie. Connor was very excited to get them washed right away so he could wear some the next day.

No problem. I washed and dried them and they were neatly sitting in a laundry basket outside his door just waiting to be put away when he woke up. So, of course, he came out of his room first thing in the morning and insisted on putting on a new pair of underwear right then. Great. He chose Shrek and we all laughed because they've got a big old Shrek face right on his bottom. Hilarious. :)

I know, you're waiting for the sharing part. So, on Saturday morning our friends Dave and Ruthie came to visit from Greeley. Oh, right, not just Dave and Ruthie, but also their 3 1/2 year old daughter Liberty. Connor and Liberty were playing in Connor's room and watching a Silly Songs video and we had checked on them every few minutes but I thought I'd show Ruthie Connor's new bed so we both walked up the stairs. And what did we find? Connor in the hallway holding Liberty's pull-up. Strange...did she have an accident? No. Was she naked? No, in fact the door to his room was closed as he was apparently giving her some privacy. We opened the door to find, you guessed it, Liberty wearing Shrek underwear. Connor was so excited about his Shrek underwear that he had shared a pair with his friend. Of course now that she was wearing Shrek underwear he wanted to wear something different so he quickly changed into baseball underwear and ran downstairs to show Jeremy and Dave this new pair.

Who knew that I'd ever be having a conversation with my child about how sharing is good but not when it comes to underwear? :) Oh and I left out the part about how he could have chosen a better friend to share underwear with - Liberty's Dad is a police officer and since she's a girl and the only child I have a feeling he already has big plans for boys who even look at his daughter the wrong way let alone share his underwear with her! haha

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Elementary 24 has a name....and other random school thoughts...

You might remember that a while back I participated in the naming committee for one of the three new elementary schools in Longmont. Well, tonight was the School Board meeting where they officially decided the names of the three schools based on each committee's recommendations. The name for Elementary 23 in Erie will be Black Rock Elementary School, a name which they say honors their extensive coal mining history. The name for Elementary 24 (we're in this school's new boundary) will be Blue Mountain Elementary School. The school is on Mountain Drive, in the Meadow Mountain subdivision, one of the main access roads to the school is Blue Mountain Circle, and, oh yeah, there's a real Blue Mountain near Lyons. The name for Elementary 25 in Firestone will be Centennial Elementary School - I guess the towns of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono all either celebrated their centennials last year or will this year so that's where they got the idea from. So, Black Rock, Blue Mountain and Centennial Elementary Schools are the newest additions to the St. Vrain Valley School District!

It was fun to play a small role in narrowing down the name choices and will be fun to tell the boys about when they are old enough to attend elementary school. :)

They'll hopefully have a preschool program there too which Connor could go to next year, but that won't be officially decided until the next school board meeting and that's cutting it really close to the deadline we're facing for deciding whether or not Connor will continue at his current school. We just don't know where to put him next year. We really like his current school in general and the academics are great - he's learned so much in the last 4 months - but we have some issues with his teacher and since she'd be his teacher next year too it's causing us to question whether this is the appropriate place for him or not. I hate to keep switching him but luckily he adapts really well to change and it is only preschool after all. :) We want what's best for him but we're still learning what that is as his personality and learning style blossom. We're also still learning what we like and don't like in teachers and schools. Shouldn't this be easier? Oh wait, don't tell me "How to choose the best preschool for Connor" was one of the chapters in that parenting instruction book we were supposed to get at the hospital! That book would have come in handy in many situations and for some reason I don't think I got one! :) LOL

And why do some people make it seem like choosing the right preschool is the difference between my child being a doctor or being a deadbeat? I know kindergarten is tougher now than it was when I was there so preschool is close to being a necessity now but I just wish there weren't "good" preschools and "not so good" preschools and that I didn't already have to worry about class size, standardized test results, the number of years of experience and type of education a teacher has, discipline styles, curriculum, amount of free play time, whether we should go with Montessori or Waldorf or private or public. It's just preschool, right? Ok, enough rambling for tonight. Just wish us luck picking the right school and then check back in 30 years or so and see if we made the right choice! :) haha

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Connor is apparently a Democrat

Jeremy and I were talking about the Iowa caucuses at dinner tonight and Connor wanted to participate in the conversation so, as usual, he was asking a lot of questions. We explained as best we could but, really, does anyone fully understand the caucus process? I watched cspan tonight and it seems Iowans don't even know what's going on! Anyway, he answered with one of his two usual responses during adult conversations, "Ok, go on." (the other usual response is "Tell me more") So our conversation went something like this:

Me: So, who would you vote for if you were old enough?

Connor: I would vote for all of them.

Me: But you only get one vote. You have to choose one person. So....would you vote for Hillary Clinton?

Connor: No way.

Me: Barack Obama?

Connor (excitedly): Oh, yes! Bakak Obama!

Me (trying not to laugh): Obama. Ok. What about Mitt Romney?

Connor: Yes, I like Romney.

Me: Or Mike Huckabee?

Connor: What's a Huckabee?

Me (really trying not to laugh now): Ok. How about Rudy Giuliani?

Connor: No.

Me: Dennis Kucinich?

Connor: I don't think so.

Me: John McCain?

Connor: Ok. Go on.

Me: Ok, so far you like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. You can only choose one, so which one do you like better?

At this point Jeremy pulled up the list of all the candidates so we could ask Connor about the rest. As he was reading off the names from this site, Connor looked over his shoulder to see their pictures and decided that he likes Dennis Kucinich and Barack Obama "because they're smiling in their pictures." Hmmm, ok :) I guess that's one criteria in selecting the next leader of our country....

A sad, sad day for Jeremy ;-)

As we were driving down Main Street last night Jeremy announced, completely out of the blue, that we cannot have any more children. Uh, ok, but why? Because Taco Johns is closed. What? Taco Johns?? I've never eaten there and Jeremy has only eaten there on two very specific occasions - right after Connor was born and again right after Logan was born. So I guess if we were to have any more children he would have nothing special to eat after the delivery :)