Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warm weather!

The weather was gorgeous for most of last week and we took full advantage of it! When we got home from preschool on Wednesday the guy across the street was mowing his lawn for the first time this year. Connor remembered that he usually mows with his shirt off but since he kept his shirt on that day, Connor decided that he and Logan should be shirtless.

They love to pick dandelions and bring them to me :)

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Off the deep end

Connor's swimming has improved a lot lately! Here's a quick video of him jumping off the diving board during swim lessons. Enjoy!

And a picture of him getting ready to dive in...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Signs of Spring

The weather has been beautiful here the last few days, so we've happily resumed eating as many meals outside as possible. As we were eating dinner on the deck tonight, Connor was telling us about the signs of Spring. Think he said the trees budding? The weather getting warmer? Rain instead of snow? No. According to Connor, owies on your knees are the first sign of Spring. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Despite the sickness that is attacking our home yet again, we mustered the energy to dye Easter eggs this afternoon.

Posing before the egg coloring began...

Looking so happy and healthy (really he has an awful cough, runny/stuffy nose and fever - poor guy)

Waiting for the eggs to be just the right shade

Checking the progress


I love dyeing eggs :)

Posing with his favorite egg

I'm not quite sure what he was thinking here but I love the tongue action :)

The finished product

The Easter Bunny will visit tomorrow but we're skipping all other Easter activities. :( Between Connor's full blown cold, Logan's sniffles and my huge headache today, it seems like the best plan...

Monday, April 06, 2009

The plight of the little brother

The boys were playing a few minutes ago...

Logan fell down and cried.

Connor says "You're alright. You're still breathing. Come on."

Such sympathy :)