Sunday, July 29, 2007

Everyone loves a parade

We went to the Boulder County Fair Parade in downtown Longmont yesterday and had so much fun! Connor rode on his new preschool's float while Jeremy, Logan and I walked behind it. Well, ok, Logan was in a stroller and it was more like jogging behind it and stopping occasionally but you get the idea. Who knew parades moved so quickly? :) Connor hasn't started school there yet but they were nice enough to let him participate and even brought him a school shirt to wear (though by the size of the shirt it looks like they think he's going into 4th grade instead of the 4 year old class! haha!).

Yes, folks, he's playing the air guitar. Rock on, little dude :)

Posing to show off the face paint

He makes friends in no time

The start of the parade

Keeping the crowd cool

Connor's favorite part was getting off the trailer to go hand candy to people watching from the sides of the road and then having me lift him back on. Why not just throw the candy, you ask? Great question! It was apparently clearly stated in the parade rules that candy could not be thrown but could be handed directly to parade watchers so that no one would get hit in the head and kids wouldn't run into the road. What?? Come on, people! This sounds like material for my first "back in my day" story for the boys - "Back in my day, people threw candy from the floats and we had to actually stand up and go pick it up! Sometimes it would get dirty! Sometimes we would too!" Sigh...


Though we were in the parade and therefore didn't get to see most of it, we did get to see this entry - it's from the Bulldozer 500 event that will take place on the Thursday at the Boulder County Fair. This guy did amazing stuff! Connor asked what the bulldozer was doing and I answered "dancing" - it was so cool!

The tired boys after the parade. Logan was awake for most of it, just fell asleep about a half block from the finish!

After a much needed nap we went Back to School shopping at the outlet mall in Loveland. Connor stared at a group of mannequins like the ones below in the Nike store for a few seconds before saying "It looks like a boy...[long pause]...but he has no head." Maybe you had to be there but it was hilarious!

(Yes, I know these are girl mannequins. I couldn't take a picture of the ones he was actually looking at because they were near the registers and I felt crazy enough taking a picture of headless mannequins without others knowing I was doing it!)

Here's a picture of Logan from today. He was frustrated that his balloon kept flying away so Jeremy tied it to his ankle. He played with it off and on for hours! Best part of all, we could always tell where he was by the bobbing green balloon trailing after him! :)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brothers and Baseball

Just a few pictures from yesterday...

Connor put on a show for Logan yesterday morning :) Logan loved it!

Logan would have nothing to do with the Elmo birthday hats on his birthday (aside from getting frosting all over Papa's) but yesterday he wore one while playing with his new toys!

Jeremy and Connor went to a Rockies game last night with friends Ben and Avery (it was Avery's 4th birthday party we went to on Sunday). Notice how Ben and Avery are wearing Padres shirts while Jeremy and Connor are wearing Rockies stuff! :) The Padres won and it seems both boys (well, all 4) had a great time!

Here they are before the game. From the left - Jeremy, Connor, Avery, Ben and middle brother Keegan who stayed home with mom and newborn baby brother Tavian!

Jeremy and Connor at the game - they can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

As promised...

Here are some of the adorable pictures we got from Kiddie Kandids yesterday. Click on them to see a larger version. Enjoy! :)

The pictures tell the story...

Logan had a great birthday! We went to Kiddie Kandids around lunchtime for pictures and they turned out wonderfully - I will post them tomorrow (the CD is downstairs and it's midnight - call me lazy). Dinner and cake with our family was fun, as you'll see below!

It started out innocently enough...

Logan immediately liked the frosting and Connor tried some too...

This is reallllly good...

Do you mind? I'm trying to eat here...

Yes, Logan ate ALL THAT and was still eating...

Hey! Where'd it go?

I smeared it all around, happy? I'm done...

Present time!

Big brother "helped"

Wow, do you realize how ridiculous you look with that thing on your head?

Hello? Yes I'd like to order another cake. Why have these people been withholding sugar all this time??? I LOVE IT!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday survey - please participate!

Hi! Ok so on Connor's first birthday, Jeremy and I put together a little birthday survey so our friends and family could predict what he and the world would be like when he is 5. I've looked at them occasionally to see how we're all doing and the responses get funnier each year. We want to do the same thing for Logan! With Connor's we printed them (how archaic! LOL) but with Logan we're going to do it right here. So, read the questions below and then either leave a comment on this post (click on the "# comments" link below this entry) or send us an email with your responses! Please participate!

When Logan is 5...

How I will change:

Favorite color
Favorite toy
Favorite Food
How tall will I be?

How prices will change (current in parentheses):

Postage Stamp ($0.41)
Gallon of Gas ($3.20)
Gallon of Milk (? I'll have to fill in later!)
Loaf of Bread ($1.79)
Dow Jones Industrial Average (~13900 when I'm typing this)

How my world will change:

Who will be President?
Who will be running for President?
Who will win the 2011 Super Bowl?
What will the US Population be?

Do you have any other thoughts or predictions about Logan when he is 5? We'd love to hear those too :)

The BIG ONE :)

One year ago today Logan Joshua was born at 11:52 am weighing in at 8 lb 12 oz and measuring 21 1/4 inches.

So many thoughts are swirling in my head about that day that I want to type them all without one seeming more important than any of the others but I also don't want to bore you! So, here are just a few, in no particular order....

-I was three days overdue, it was July (read: HOT), and I was being induced but even with all that I didn't really want the pregnancy to end. I tried to remember each and every kick and celebrated the last time I felt his hiccups.

- I loved walking the halls with Jeremy to try to get the contractions to be stronger, even the strange trip through the gift shop with people staring at me knowing I was in labor and yet trying to have a normal conversation between contractions :)

- I was so much more aware of each feeling (both physical and emotional) with this delivery than with Connor's (shorter labor and more sleep helps with that! haha)

- Holding Logan for the first 20 minutes of his life without the nurses bothering us very much was fantastic. He stared at me with a look that was full of both content and bewilderment that I'll never forget!

This next section should be called All About Logan :)

Logan's personality is a bit goofy and pretty laid back. He loves to play peekaboo either with a blanket or by hiding behind a door, likes to put his fingers in my mouth and have me pretend to bite them, likes to wear and sometimes try to eat Daddy's hats, and loves to plop himself in the middle of the pillows on Mommy and Daddy's bed. He's enamored with Connor - following him everywhere, watching his every move and lately he enjoys having Connor put snacks directly in his mouth instead of in his hand. Speaking of snacks, he currently prefers Gerber Crunchies (or cheese doodles as we like to call them) but he'll eat just about anything we put on his high chair tray. He likes to throw the ball for Bailey and looks for her every time he wakes up to make sure she's checking on him too. He hates having his diaper changed and loves taking a bath with his big bro, even though he tries to drink the water nearly every night. He loves the "How Big is Baby Elmo?" and "Goodnight Moon" books. He waves hi and bye with his hand facing his own face. :) He loves to ride in the stroller, especially when Connor is walking in front of him. His eyes go from bluer than blue to gray. He has six teeth and still drools a ton. He's taken four or five steps in a row numerous times but isn't truly walking yet, not that that slows him down at all. His proudest accomplishment is crawling up on Connor's bed - he smiles so big when he does it! He's never taken a pacifier but sucks his thumb occasionally when falling asleep. He likes to sleep on his tummy with one arm tucked between the burp pad and the crib sheet. He hugs me by pressing his cheek into mine for a good minute or two when I first get him out of the crib but likes to pinch Daddy's neck when Daddy gets him out. He likes to have his window open a bit when we're driving and doesn't mind a little country or pop when it's just the two of us. He gets really excited when we walk into Connor's preschool - it's brother time! He's shy around strangers. He loves to clap and will stop whatever he's doing to clap if anyone says "yay!" or he hears applause on tv. He puts absolutely everything in his mouth. He lights up when Daddy gets home from work. He loves to be outside.

He's definitely been a great addition to our family! We love you Logan!

We're going to get pictures taken this morning and then we'll have family over for dinner and cake tonight. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Long but fun Saturday

Yesterday was a busy one - swim classes for both boys, the Butterfly Pavilion and the Longmont Outdoor Cinema!

Here's Connor looking at Rosie the tarantula. He was brave enough to touch it but not to hold it. Can't say that I blame him :)

Papa and Connor watching the butterfly release

Connor pretending to be a spider

Crawling through the honeycombs

Logan and Daddy

Afterwards we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for an early dinner and Connor enjoyed playing around the nearby fountain

Later Connor and I went to see Flushed Away at the outdoor cinema. It was hilarious! :) We both had fun.

Today we have a friend's birthday party and a barbecue to attend - another busy day! And tomorrow is the big #1 for Logan. :) There are sure to be pictures of his frosting face posted soon! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I should be sleeping...

...but I'm blogging. Forgive me if there are typos or ramblings :)

Logan has found a new place to sit

We went to ArtWalk again tonight (see here for pics from last time) and our first stop was, of course, the wonderful face painter! This time Connor chose a spider (or "pider" as he says)

We couldn't leave Logan out - he had to get a spider too! It's his first face painting or, hmmm...arm painting I guess :)

We also painted tiles at Crackpots again. Connor loves to paint!

I just couldn't stop myself from taking this photo - it made me laugh out loud that someone spelled Stracciatella and raspberry correctly but messed up "water" :)

Here's Logan eating his favorite snack (Gerber Crunchies) and showing off his spider!