Sunday, July 29, 2007

Everyone loves a parade

We went to the Boulder County Fair Parade in downtown Longmont yesterday and had so much fun! Connor rode on his new preschool's float while Jeremy, Logan and I walked behind it. Well, ok, Logan was in a stroller and it was more like jogging behind it and stopping occasionally but you get the idea. Who knew parades moved so quickly? :) Connor hasn't started school there yet but they were nice enough to let him participate and even brought him a school shirt to wear (though by the size of the shirt it looks like they think he's going into 4th grade instead of the 4 year old class! haha!).

Yes, folks, he's playing the air guitar. Rock on, little dude :)

Posing to show off the face paint

He makes friends in no time

The start of the parade

Keeping the crowd cool

Connor's favorite part was getting off the trailer to go hand candy to people watching from the sides of the road and then having me lift him back on. Why not just throw the candy, you ask? Great question! It was apparently clearly stated in the parade rules that candy could not be thrown but could be handed directly to parade watchers so that no one would get hit in the head and kids wouldn't run into the road. What?? Come on, people! This sounds like material for my first "back in my day" story for the boys - "Back in my day, people threw candy from the floats and we had to actually stand up and go pick it up! Sometimes it would get dirty! Sometimes we would too!" Sigh...


Though we were in the parade and therefore didn't get to see most of it, we did get to see this entry - it's from the Bulldozer 500 event that will take place on the Thursday at the Boulder County Fair. This guy did amazing stuff! Connor asked what the bulldozer was doing and I answered "dancing" - it was so cool!

The tired boys after the parade. Logan was awake for most of it, just fell asleep about a half block from the finish!

After a much needed nap we went Back to School shopping at the outlet mall in Loveland. Connor stared at a group of mannequins like the ones below in the Nike store for a few seconds before saying "It looks like a boy...[long pause]...but he has no head." Maybe you had to be there but it was hilarious!

(Yes, I know these are girl mannequins. I couldn't take a picture of the ones he was actually looking at because they were near the registers and I felt crazy enough taking a picture of headless mannequins without others knowing I was doing it!)

Here's a picture of Logan from today. He was frustrated that his balloon kept flying away so Jeremy tied it to his ankle. He played with it off and on for hours! Best part of all, we could always tell where he was by the bobbing green balloon trailing after him! :)

Have a great week!

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