Monday, July 02, 2007

You can't be serious...

So we're trying to make small changes in our lives to be a little greener - nothing too drastic like getting rid of our SUV or using recycled toilet paper (lol) but recycling what little the city of Longmont lets us do curbside, buying organic produce at least for the Dirty Dozen, and changing our lightbulbs to CFLs. It's nothing big and not nearly enough but smalls steps add up and if we all did a little something maybe something big would happen. :) (stepping down off my phosphate-free biodegradable soap box now...)

Anyway, my latest attempt is to cut down on our use of plastic bags at the grocery store so I've been looking into canvas bags. After seeing another shopper using "1 bag at a time" bags I visited their website today and looked around. The bags are super cheap (10 bags are about $25 with shipping) and they look nice and sturdy. But then I came across this page on their site, which asks people to complete a survey about their plastic and paper bag usage. However, site visitors are asked to PRINT OUT the survey and FAX it to their office. What?? Ok, so you want me to help save the world by using and reusing your canvas shopping bags but you also want me to waste a piece of paper on my end and then fax it to you and waste a piece of paper on your end??? You've got to be kidding me!! There's this great thing called email or web forms that could capture all this infomation. FAX?? I e-mailed the company and can't wait for a response!

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  1. I debate in my head getting rid of my SUV daily. I bought some awesome canvas bags at Traders Joes that I love(so sad they don't have them here in CO). And, you have to share the response to that email about the fax/paper issue--too funny.