Thursday, July 05, 2007

The 4th

We had a fantastic 4th of July! How about you? The 4th is also Jeremy's birthday so we started the day with presents. We asked Connor how old he thought Jeremy was yesterday and he said "3 1/2!" (Connor's age). Well, yes, if you're counting in decades :)

Here are the boys just before we left for Grandma and Papa's house

Connor with his American flag (blocking the sun but it looks like he's trying to salute!)

Connor and Papa "watering the yard" with a fire hose!

Connor likes to make mud...

Connor performing on his "stage" with his imaginary friend Boy :)

More diet Coke fountains!

Logan looking cute as always

Getting poor Daddy's nose...

Connor "driving" Papa's Jeep

Below are several pictures from our time in the Home Depot parking lot before the fireworks. We ate dinner, the boys played in both our cars and we all watched other families' small fireworks. Logan wasn't scared at all! He was fascinated by all the noises and people and even fell asleep during the big show! Connor put on his own parade through the crowd saying "Happy 4th of July!" to everyone while waving his flag and green light stick. At the end of the big fireworks show (which was spectacular!), some guy yelled "Happy Birthday USA!" and Connor was quick to correct him with "No, it's Happy Birthday DADDY!!" The guy and his family laughed and said happy birthday to Jeremy. :)

This morning Jeremy stayed with Logan for a bit while I took Connor to a "Paint me a Story" time at Crackpots. Connor listened to a story about ocean creatures (Commotion in the Ocean) and then got to paint either a penguin, fish, turtle, or shark! He chose a penguin and here he is painting it. And yes, sticking out your tongue does help :)

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