Saturday, May 31, 2008

mobile blogging

Just trying out mobile blogging for the first time so I am sending this from my cell phone! Logan's surgery went wonderfully yesterday! More later...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look! It's a new post!

Can you believe it? So much has been going on in our lives lately that blogging has fallen off the to do list! We've had lots of sickness, two deaths in the family, the end of school and beginning of summer camp and so much more. Here are some pictures and updates...

Enjoying the recent warm weather

Here's the drawing Connor made for Teacher Appreciation week

Last Friday was Connor's last day of preschool and they had a school wide field day at a local park. Here are Connor and Rhyann peeking out from behind a tree with Logan looking on.

Logan relaxing for a few minutes during field day

Part of Memorial Day weekend was spent in Kansas attendng a service for Jeremy's grandmother, Aileen Swisher, who passed away on Thursday May 22nd. It was a nice memorial and the boys weren't too terrible during it. When Jeremy's mom was done with the eulogy Connor said "Great job, Grandma Willy" as she sat down. Then later when the pastor was speaking he was going over the ten commandments and asked something about if anyone had stolen anything and Connor blurted out "Not me!" :) Oops. Logan sat in the pew while the music was playing but as soon as people started talking he got bored and we went to play in the cry room. Luckily I could still hear the speakers but they couldn't hear Logan banging the toys too much!

This look says "What do you mean I shouldn't get watermelon all over my nice clothes?"

Notice how short his hair is here! (Go back up and look at the field day pics for comparison) We got the boys' hair cut on Friday night and Connor wanted Logan's hair to be cut just like his and we said it was fine. Bye bye baby, hello little boy!

This is the best picture I could manage of the four squirmy cousins all dressed up. From left: Christopher, Logan, Connor, Jonathan

And what would a wedding or funeral be without a family picture? Well, it didn't happen when we were all dressed up but here you go...

The other big news is that Connor can now ride his bike without training wheels! He's such a big boy!

We took off the training wheels and pedals from his smaller bike two weeks ago so he could learn to balance by pushing with both feet and coasting along. He did this maybe five or six times over the last two weeks and then yesterday when Jeremy put the pedals back on he took off! Much like our potty training experience, he basically taught himself to ride a bike :) Woo hoo! Here's a video of his first few times!

We watched our friends' three boys Tuesday night while they went to a movie to celebrate their anniversary. We had fun with five (yes FIVE) small boys for a couple hours :)

Keep Logan in your thoughts early Friday. He's having tubes put in that morning. I guess he'll only be under for five or ten minutes and will be able to leave the hospital just a couple hours later. We're looking forward to getting it over with and hope it helps him hear and speak better! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ok maybe he is mine after all! Haha!

For the first couple years of Connor's life I joked that he wasn't really mine because he didn't like sweets. He didn't like chocolate and went through a phase of not liking ice cream and that's just....wrong! :) In fact he once asked for more broccoli after dinner when there was dessert available! He's been liking dessert more and more lately, though, and yesterday proved it. First he went to Dairy Queen with his class and was very excited to tell me that he had both chocolate and vanilla on the same cone! Then we went to ArtWalk and had some ice cream there too (yeah, I'd forgotten about his earlier trip to DQ). On the way home I asked Connor if the ice cream was a yummy dessert. He replied, "Mommy, ice cream is NOT a dessert! It's a CELEBRATION!" I laughed and he said, "Why are you laughing? Ice cream rocks the world!" :) I couldn't agree more!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Catching up...again

I've been neglecting the blog lately, huh? Amazingly a bunch of you still visit every day hoping I posted! :) Thanks for not giving up on me! We joined the Y a few weeks ago and I guess I've been spending a lot of free time there instead of blogging! Jeremy's enjoying playing racquetball again, I like their water aerobics classes and the track and the boys have fun in the child care. :)

Here are a few pics from my cell phone camera. I'll have some from the regular camera later when I get around to downloading them!

Connor being a good big brother at Noodles and Company

We watched Chance for a few days while his family went on a trip

We went to an ENT last Thursday to make sure Logan's ears were ok after many ear infections this winter. Logan's right ear still has lots of fluid in it even though he hasn't had a cold for quite some time. That, combined with his speech delay, leads the ENT to want to put tubes in. He left it up to us and is fine with waiting a month and seeing how Logan's speech progresses and how the ears look but he's guessing that we'll do the tubes before the summer's done. Sigh. Logan's speech therapist has seen good results in kids who get tubes so she's in favor of it. And Jeremy had many sets of tubes as a kid so he's ok with it too. I'm stuck in the "why do both my babies have to go under general anesthesia so young? It's so unfair!" phase. I've been reassured that he'd only be under for five or ten minutes but still, he's my baby! :) Anyway, we'll keep you posted.

Next week is the last week of preschool for this school year! The boys will go to the same "summer camp" two mornings a week and Connor will also go to farm school one morning. Then in the fall both boys will be at the same school together (Logan for two mornings, Connor for four). Connor's class is going on a field trip on Friday to Dairy Queen :) It's within walking distance of the school and he is very excited to eat ice cream with his class before lunch!!