Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ok maybe he is mine after all! Haha!

For the first couple years of Connor's life I joked that he wasn't really mine because he didn't like sweets. He didn't like chocolate and went through a phase of not liking ice cream and that's just....wrong! :) In fact he once asked for more broccoli after dinner when there was dessert available! He's been liking dessert more and more lately, though, and yesterday proved it. First he went to Dairy Queen with his class and was very excited to tell me that he had both chocolate and vanilla on the same cone! Then we went to ArtWalk and had some ice cream there too (yeah, I'd forgotten about his earlier trip to DQ). On the way home I asked Connor if the ice cream was a yummy dessert. He replied, "Mommy, ice cream is NOT a dessert! It's a CELEBRATION!" I laughed and he said, "Why are you laughing? Ice cream rocks the world!" :) I couldn't agree more!

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