Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow and Logan's 4 month appointment

Yesterday we took Logan to his 4 month doctor's appointment. He weighs a whopping 14 lbs 5 oz and is 26 inches long. The doctor said everything looks good! He also got his 4 month shots and had pretty much the same reaction to them as his 2 month shots - no crying for the first poke, a bit of crying for the second and third but calmed down fairly quickly, followed by a horrible night :) Again he got a fever and his legs are sore and he is soooo cranky. Our doctor said this is actually a good thing since it means he has a great immune system that is trying to fight off the vaccines. However, that's not comforting at 3 am! :) Here's a picture of him just before bed last night. Notice how blonde his hair looks in this picture! I think he looks more like me as a baby in this picture than ever before. Don't forget that you can click on the pictures to see a larger version!

And we can't leave out Connor! It snowed quite a bit yesterday and he loves to play in the snow. Here he is in our front yard in his "Hanta" hat. For some reason he likes to drop the S in Santa - he can say it the right way but chooses not to!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Did you have a good turkey day? We did! On Wednesday evening Jeremy and Connor went to pick up the turkey we'd ordered from the Honey Baked Ham store. See, we were trying to have a low stress Thanksgiving since we have two kids and cooking a big meal while taking care of them is a major feat. So we figured we'd eliminate the biggest part of the meal by getting our turkey prepared elsewhere. However, Jeremy and Connor got to the store and were told "Uh, sorry, our supplier didn't deliver any turkeys to anywhere on the west coast." What??? We're turkey-less??? The day before Thanksgiving??? After Jeremy threw a fit (yay, Jeremy! I'm rubbing off on him! LOL), we got a $50 ham for FREE! Anyway, I still wanted turkey for Thanksgiving so we scrambled to find a fresh one within a 50 mile radius. Turns out that they had tons of them at the Safeway in Louisville so we were able to get one and turkey day was saved! :) My Dad, Sue, Jeremy's Mom Willy and her husband Mark were all here to help us enjoy all the food. Jeremy took this picture of Connor and I through our front window - we were watching for Grandma Willy!

And we can't leave Logan out, though he slept through most of the preparations and the entire meal on Thanksgiving! Here he is after a bath...

Friday morning Jeremy got up super early and waited in line at Best Buy to buy us a new tv. The tv in our living room has been dying for months; it shuts off randomly and can only be turned back on by hitting the side of it. Connor has watched us do it so many times that he thinks that's how all tv's are turned on - ugh! So after waiting outside in the cold from 3:30 to 5 am Jeremy bought our early family Christmas present alongside hundreds of other tech-crazed Black Friday shoppers. I only wish I could've been there - I love Black Friday shopping! I know, there are too many people and you have to get up soooo early but that's what makes it so fun! And I can't pass up a good bargain :) I can't wait until next year!

Here are just a few of the things we are thankful for this year: Jeremy, Nikki, Connor, Logan, Bailey, Grandmas and Grandpas, family, friends, love, health, jobs, home, preschool, baby giggles, toddler screams, milky smiles, So-Do-La-Fa time, bubble baths, "pizza", "people", and "baby Logan". The ones in quotes are from Connor, of course!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chalk drawings

Check these out! These are the drawings we had done at the craft fair yesterday. I love them! This woman was amazing - it only took her about ten minutes per picture and Connor's was done despite his moving around non-stop. I said yesterday that I thought Logan's was more true to life than Connor's, but I think they're both great. I think I'm just thrown off by the coloring in Connor's, since his hair is so blonde and that's hard to portray in a black and white chalk drawing! She definitely got his eyelashes right, though! What do you think? Leave me a comment or send me an email!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Something you don't hear too often...

Only our kid :)
We felt like we'd prepared Connor for this whole flu shot business - we took him with us when we got ours, talked about it a bunch like how it would hurt for a minute but that it would help keep him healthy. A few times he would say he didn't want one but other times he would say he was excited to get it. This morning he was ready; he wanted to go to the doctor's office as soon as he woke up. We had breakfast out (mmm bagels and fruit) and then went to the office. As we walked into the pediatric area there were obvious signs of distress - a girl walking out who'd been crying and several other kids who knew what was about to happen to them and didn't want any part of it. Connor, though, loves the doctor. He went right away when the nurse called his name, hopped up on the table and was staring at all the band-aids laid out on the counter. Jeremy tried to turn his head so he wouldn't see the needle go in, but he turned it back and watched it. He said "ow" sort of quietly and then watched her put a bright orange band-aid on his arm. We were telling him how great he did and he looked like nothing had ever happened. Jeremy helped him down from the table and Connor said "Thank you!" to the nurse and walked out of the room. The nurse said she doesn't see that reaction too often! He was COMPLETELY UNPHASED by it. He just wanted to go back and watch the fish in the waiting room! YES! While other kids wailed in other exam rooms, ours thanked his nurse and went on about his day. :) Too funny!

We went to a local craft fair today and had an artist draw both Connor and Logan. I'll have to take pictures of them and post them tomorrow - they're amazing! Logan's picture is a bit more true to life than Connor's, in my opinion, but they're both great. Keeping Connor sitting still was impossible, though, so it's amazing that she was able to draw him at all! :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Do the cabbage!

So a while back I shared this picture with my coworker/friend Brent (the one who lives in Paris for another 20 some odd days):

It happened to be the same day that he shared the following YouTube clip with me (click the big 'ol play button to play):

He noticed that Logan looks strangely like a cabbage in the above picture and the name has stuck. So, Logan has become our little cabbage, or sauerkraut when he's a bit cranky! Yep, you probably had to be there for it to be funny... :)

Let's go back to letter writing...

Argh! It's a problem that I've experienced many times before but I have obviously not learned my lesson yet. Blogger updated it's software and is now encouraging all users to switch to the beta version. It seemed stable enough, after all if you were to sign up for a new blog today you would only see the beta version. They must be confident in it if they're forcing all new users to use it, right? Well, I fell for it and converted my blog to the beta version. It's terrible! They used to interface with this great photo posting software called Hello (no, really) but no now I have to do it the old fashioned way (well, relatively speaking, lol). Sigh....why oh why don't people test their software before they release it? LOL - at least I'm not the tester this time! :) I enjoy laughing at buggy software when I had nothing to do with it...

To continue on a bit of a rant, my company switched payroll companies so our next three paychecks are live checks, no direct deposit. Do you know how long it's been since I had to pick up my paycheck on pay day, drive to the bank and fill out a deposit slip for it? I think about 7 years!

Here are just a couple of pics from our Thursday session. Unfortunately most of them turned out blurry since I managed to have the camera on the wrong setting. I'm having a bad technology week!

On a positive note, we bought my guitar last night! Our favorite music teacher, Madelyn Clair, is offering lessons for parents so we can play along with our kids. We'll learn three basic chords and will learn to play 20+ kids songs. We'll also learn how to play while our kids do the strumming and how to tune a guitar. No music experience is necessary so it sounds perfect for me! I played the recorder in second grade but I don't think that counts as musical experience...haha! I've always wanted to learn to play an instrument and since Jeremy knows how to play so many and Connor is so interested in all of them, it seemed like a good idea! It's my early Christmas present and I'm really excited about it. It's always fun to learn something new!

Tomorrow is Connor's flu shot. Wish us luck! :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Busy Saturday!

First a picture of Connor from yesterday, showing off his new hat :) He loves Curious George!

Today was a busy day! We started out by having breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Marchman at Lucile's here in Longmont. It was yummy! We did our weekly grocery shopping, visited Grandma Willy at the hospital and then Jeremy and I went to get our flu shots. Connor gets his next week, so we were hoping that by seeing us get them that he wouldn't be so scared when it is his turn. I'll let you know if that plan worked next Saturday (I'm thinking not...haha). We went home for a quick nap and then it was time to help Rhyann celebrate her third birthday!

Connor needed spiky hair for the party...

Rhyann said "I LOVE your hair, Connor!" I'm guessing he'll request it a lot from now on!

Logan's birthday glasses

Connor's birthday glasses

It was just the three kids there - Emma who turned 3 in late October, Rhyann who's 3 today and Connor who will be 3 December 9th. The picture below shows their mixed emotions at cake time: Emma was very upset that they weren't sitting at the big table to eat cake, Rhyann was looking a bit mischeivous and Connor was so excited to eat cake!

It was all a bit too much for Logan...

tuckered out

After eating cake they had a lot of energy to burn! Connor and Rhyann raided her dress-up box and then had a parade through the house. Connor didn't put the pink guitar down very much today - he loves that thing! Connor played guitar while Rhyann sang. We tried to get Emma to play the tambourine and complete the band but she would have none of it. :) Smart girl!

"dance party"

Thursday, November 09, 2006


It's been a busy week! Jeremy's mom had a heart attack on Monday morning. She's doing better now and should be released from the hospital soon. While we were visiting her, we stopped by the Lactation Consultant's office to weigh Logan - 13 lbs 6.8 oz! He's gained .7 oz per day in the last month - right on track with the .5 - 1 oz a day they like to see at this age. Here are our usual Thursday pics...

In Logan's crib

Whatcha doin?

Connor got a haircut last Friday and the stylist showed him what his hair would look like if he wanted it spiky on top. Since then, he asks for me to make his hair spiky when we're brushing his teeth in the morning. I haven't put gel in it yet to make it stay but have just used water so eventually it flattens out. Here is today's spiky look...

Have you ever wondered what you look like right before you sneeze?


Teaching Logan how to make funny faces

Feet :)

All clean!

Rhyann's 3rd birthday is this Saturday so we're going to her party. That means there are just four short weeks left until Connor's birthday! :) If you ask him, though, he'd tell you it's in five minutes!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Picture Day

It seems that every Thursday is picture day at our house. Connor and Logan and I spend the day together and inevitably Connor asks me to take pictures of them in Logan's crib. I'm not sure why he likes the crib so much - he doesn't even remember sleeping in there! Anyway, here are a few of the shots from today...

Logan in his crib

The boys in Logan's crib

Connor helping to wipe some drool

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Connor had a great, but very BUSY, Halloween! Even though he doesn't usually go on Tuesdays, he went to preschool today so he wouldn't miss out on the Halloween festivities. They baked cookies in the morning and then had a pizza party. Jeremy, Logan and I went and ate pizza and cookies with Connor and his class. Here's a picture of his "girlfriend" Rose.


After preschool, we went to Daddy's work for a Halloween party and trick-or-treating. He had fun walking around to everyone's office and cubicles saying (what sounded like) teacher-teachers. When they would give him candy we'd say "what do you say?" expecting him to say thank you but he thought it was hilarious to respond with "BYE!" instead. :)

We ate a quick dinner and then it was time for trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Just Connor and I went since it was pretty chilly outside. He had a BLAST! He ran from house to house, laughing hysterically in between and yelling "WAIT FOR ME!" to all the big kids. He had now mastered saying trick-or-treat and thank you. :) In fact, he thanked several people for carving pumpkins and putting up lights! When we got back home he handed out candy to trick-or-treaters at our door. The first person would get one piece of candy, the next would get a couple, and whoever was last would get handfuls! He was so excited the entire time. It was fun!

Here are some pictures from today of Logan as Kryptonite (thanks Brent!) and Superman and Kryptonite together:

Connor carried this light stick with him trick-or-treating which was hilarious since it looks like kryptonite. Poor Logan, he was sleeping but we still tortured him with kryptonite pictures :)

kryptonite butt :)