Saturday, November 11, 2006

Busy Saturday!

First a picture of Connor from yesterday, showing off his new hat :) He loves Curious George!

Today was a busy day! We started out by having breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Marchman at Lucile's here in Longmont. It was yummy! We did our weekly grocery shopping, visited Grandma Willy at the hospital and then Jeremy and I went to get our flu shots. Connor gets his next week, so we were hoping that by seeing us get them that he wouldn't be so scared when it is his turn. I'll let you know if that plan worked next Saturday (I'm thinking not...haha). We went home for a quick nap and then it was time to help Rhyann celebrate her third birthday!

Connor needed spiky hair for the party...

Rhyann said "I LOVE your hair, Connor!" I'm guessing he'll request it a lot from now on!

Logan's birthday glasses

Connor's birthday glasses

It was just the three kids there - Emma who turned 3 in late October, Rhyann who's 3 today and Connor who will be 3 December 9th. The picture below shows their mixed emotions at cake time: Emma was very upset that they weren't sitting at the big table to eat cake, Rhyann was looking a bit mischeivous and Connor was so excited to eat cake!

It was all a bit too much for Logan...

tuckered out

After eating cake they had a lot of energy to burn! Connor and Rhyann raided her dress-up box and then had a parade through the house. Connor didn't put the pink guitar down very much today - he loves that thing! Connor played guitar while Rhyann sang. We tried to get Emma to play the tambourine and complete the band but she would have none of it. :) Smart girl!

"dance party"

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