Thursday, November 09, 2006


It's been a busy week! Jeremy's mom had a heart attack on Monday morning. She's doing better now and should be released from the hospital soon. While we were visiting her, we stopped by the Lactation Consultant's office to weigh Logan - 13 lbs 6.8 oz! He's gained .7 oz per day in the last month - right on track with the .5 - 1 oz a day they like to see at this age. Here are our usual Thursday pics...

In Logan's crib

Whatcha doin?

Connor got a haircut last Friday and the stylist showed him what his hair would look like if he wanted it spiky on top. Since then, he asks for me to make his hair spiky when we're brushing his teeth in the morning. I haven't put gel in it yet to make it stay but have just used water so eventually it flattens out. Here is today's spiky look...

Have you ever wondered what you look like right before you sneeze?


Teaching Logan how to make funny faces

Feet :)

All clean!

Rhyann's 3rd birthday is this Saturday so we're going to her party. That means there are just four short weeks left until Connor's birthday! :) If you ask him, though, he'd tell you it's in five minutes!

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