Saturday, November 18, 2006

Something you don't hear too often...

Only our kid :)
We felt like we'd prepared Connor for this whole flu shot business - we took him with us when we got ours, talked about it a bunch like how it would hurt for a minute but that it would help keep him healthy. A few times he would say he didn't want one but other times he would say he was excited to get it. This morning he was ready; he wanted to go to the doctor's office as soon as he woke up. We had breakfast out (mmm bagels and fruit) and then went to the office. As we walked into the pediatric area there were obvious signs of distress - a girl walking out who'd been crying and several other kids who knew what was about to happen to them and didn't want any part of it. Connor, though, loves the doctor. He went right away when the nurse called his name, hopped up on the table and was staring at all the band-aids laid out on the counter. Jeremy tried to turn his head so he wouldn't see the needle go in, but he turned it back and watched it. He said "ow" sort of quietly and then watched her put a bright orange band-aid on his arm. We were telling him how great he did and he looked like nothing had ever happened. Jeremy helped him down from the table and Connor said "Thank you!" to the nurse and walked out of the room. The nurse said she doesn't see that reaction too often! He was COMPLETELY UNPHASED by it. He just wanted to go back and watch the fish in the waiting room! YES! While other kids wailed in other exam rooms, ours thanked his nurse and went on about his day. :) Too funny!

We went to a local craft fair today and had an artist draw both Connor and Logan. I'll have to take pictures of them and post them tomorrow - they're amazing! Logan's picture is a bit more true to life than Connor's, in my opinion, but they're both great. Keeping Connor sitting still was impossible, though, so it's amazing that she was able to draw him at all! :)

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