Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy August

Just an update from the first part of this week...

Logan's officially off the bottle now and doesn't seem to miss them! (wow there's a lot of blue in this picture!)

One of Connor's preschool teachers, Ms. Kim, is excellent at face/body painting! They're learning about bugs and Connor insisted she paint a bee on him even though she gave them all a choice between butterfly, dragonfly or ladybug. She told him a bee was too hard to paint but he kept pushing until she relented. It's an excellent bee! He walked around all evening "stinging" us with his elbow.

Toddler in Toyland :)

Connor posing with his baby (he told her to say cheese pizza and held her head up so she was looking at the camera)

And here are a few pictures from Paint me a Story time at Crackpots this morning. The theme was dinosaurs so they heard a story about all different kinds of dinosaurs and then got to paint either a T Rex or a stegosaurus. Connor chose the T Rex!

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