Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The weekend

On Saturday our neighborhood had a community-wide garage sale with 20 or 25 homes having sales at the same time. We walked around to a few of them but Connor couldn't wait to get back to our street and help his friends sell lemonade and cookies. He's quite the little salesman - he convinced several people to buy cookies! It was funny to see him surrounded by all the neighborhood girls :)

Most of Connor's drawings are still scribbles that all look the same to us but have specific meanings for him. However this drawing was one of the first that we saw the same things he did - it's a self portrait he called "Connor with a happy face" - it's hard to see in the thumbnail view but if you click on it to view the larger version it'll look a bit better!

We took the boys camping on Sunday. It was Logan's first time and only Connor's second. Connor has been excited about it for weeks; he's been practicing roasting marshmallows in the bathtub by piling all of his toys up to make a campfire! We got our tent all set up and then went on a hike with Grandma and Papa.

Logan in the backpack carrier we borrowed from some friends - now we want our own :)

Connor scaling a rock in the campground. Shannon, Kristina and Taylor - I have pictures of us on this rock when we were in high school! :)

Connor sitting by the Middle St. Vrain Creek

A rare picture of me on the blog :)

All smiles!


Sitting around the campfire. We made s'mores, of course, but Connor prefers to call them "snowman sandwiches" :)

We had lots of fun, though not everything went exactly as planned. We got both boys to sleep at a decent hour but around midnight Jeremy woke me up to tell me that the air mattress he and Logan were sleeping on was losing air. We didn't want Logan sleeping on the cold ground, of course, so we tried to move him over to the mattress that Connor and I were on. He didn't like that at all! I'm sure he was scared to wake up in the dark not knowing what was going on or where he was! We couldn't get him calmed down at all so I ended up taking him home around 1 am. Connor, Jeremy and Bailey stayed and had a great rest of the night. Logan and I came home and went back to get them in the morning. Besides the unexpected trip home in the middle of the night, we all had lots of fun! Hiking is Connor's new favorite thing to do so I'm sure we'll be doing more of it. He didn't even wait until we got out of the campground to ask when we are going again!


  1. You have a beautiful family!! I saw that you posted on my blog awhile back and I just now found it!:) I love to meet other moms, especially when they are in the boy world as well!!

  2. What a fun time, and great memories being made. Logan may not remember this but I'm sure Connor will remember what a fun time he had. Plus it didn't rain on you kids, while it did rain here at home.