Friday, August 10, 2007

Crazy week!

This week has been crazy! Logan was sick on Monday and Tuesday, Connor's last gymnastics class was Tuesday, Jeremy played softball on Tuesday AND Wednesday nights, we finally made it back to the Boulder County Fair on Thursday evening and then today was Connor's last day at his current preschool. Whew!

We also got Connor all psyched up for his second trip to the dentist (and hopefully first cleaning) but they cancelled the appointment at the very last minute. Argh! This very same thing happened to us for his first appointment - we were all set to walk out the door and they called to tell us the dentist was sick and the next available time was three weeks away. What are the odds we'd have appointments scheduled, six months apart, on days he's sick? :)

Anyway, here are some pics from the last few days...

Can I ride it now, Mom?

I love the looks between the two boys :)

And some pictures from the Boulder County Fair...

Connor chased that poor tortoise around the petting zoo several times

He loved the bunnies!

Posing by the cows

Fishing with Daddy

He had to go on all the rides, of course, especially the ferris wheel since he's been asking to go from the minute they put it up! This ride was a flying saucer and each time he flew by me I could hear him singing "I'm an alien! An alien! Flying high! In the sky! I'm an alien..."

Logan is too small to go on the rides but he had great fun watching Connor go around and around and even tried to wave at him several times!

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked Connor up from his last day in the Sunshine class today. He's not exactly a crier so I didn't think he'd be in tears about leaving his teachers or friends but I wasn't sure how he'd react. He was really excited about the gifts from his two teachers, Rola and Kim, especially the small tin of m&ms! They made a really cute box for him with pictures of all his Sunshine friends on the outside. :) He hugged all his favorite teachers and as we walked out of the building with all the stuff he'd accumulated there over the last year plus he didn't seem phased at all. Once we got in the car I asked if he was going to miss Ms Rola or his friends and he said "No, but they're going to miss me. They're going to cry." I said "Oh, they are? But you're not sad?" His reply was "No, I'm excited to go to my new school. I'm a big boy now. Ok I get a new backpack now?" How grown up of him! I thought maybe he just didn't get it that it was the last day and that he wouldn't be going back there on Monday, but he said the same thing to Daddy when he got home and talked all about his new school while we were picking out a new backpack tonight :)

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