Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chickens in the bathroom

There are many phrases I never imagined hearing before I became a mom. One of them happened tonight...."MOMMY! THERE ARE CHICKENS IN THE BATHROOM!"

Ok, so it wasn't our bathroom. And we were at a farm. :)

We visited Sunflower Farms today for Connor's orientation for his class that begins next week. We got to meet his teacher, pet the animals, see the building they'll be in if the weather is really bad, swing on tire swings, run across the rope bridges and, Connor's favorite, eat watermelon and drink apple juice. After sitting on a tractor Connor announced he had to go potty so he ran to the teacher to ask where it was. She pointed to a slightly open door in the side of the barn and Connor ran through the doorway only to gasp, turn right around and run back out screaming "Mommy! There are chickens in the bathroom!" Before I could ask him what he was talking about (stuffed chickens, paintings of chickens, chicken sculptures??) a small black chicken was on his heels, obviously just as surprised as Connor. Thinking that was the only one he saw I looked in to make sure everything was ok only to find that a much larger chicken was underneath the sink. She didn't seem like she wanted to leave so I told Connor I'd go in there with him. He looked in for a second and then said, "I'm going to go tell the teacher there are chickens in the bathroom." Well...ok. He ran to the nearest teacher and told her but she just looked at him. He grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the bathroom, "LOOK!" She looked inside and was just as surprised...apparently this isn't a place the chickens usually hang out! She saw that the chicken was still under the sink and told Connor that he could go on and go in, the chicken wouldn't bother him. Connor looked at the teacher and looked at me. Sensing his hesitation she asked, "Would you like me to get him out?" "YES! I can't go potty with a chicken!" The teacher gently picked up the bird and asked Connor if he wanted to pet it. He quickly touched a few feathers and then said "I still have to go potty" and went inside the bathroom. :) Hilarious!

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