Friday, August 03, 2007

Our Fair weather adventure

We tried to go the Boulder County Fair yesterday with our friends Ben, Heather and their 3 young boys to see the Bulldozer 500 event. We got there around 5:30, bought our tickets and a little food and then it started. RAIN. Not just a drizzle or a sprinkle or even a shower but a DOWNPOUR! We took shelter under a tent thinking we could wait it out but we couldn't. The water rose around us and when it let up a bit we moved quickly under a more permanent structure - the entrance to the arena where we were supposed to see the outdoor event. After a lot more rain and a trek back to the car through 6 inches of water and mud, we decided to call it a night. So, we paid around $20 for a light dinner and an adventure in the rain. :) Logan couldn't have cared less - he was mostly dry in his stroller. Connor loved walking in the dirty water!

Jeremy and Logan under the tent

Our view of the carnival from under the tent (notice the muddy river forming in front of us)

The lake forming behind us

It was fun though! Next time we'll aim for a cloud free day and will probably complain that it's too hot...

And just a random picture from yesterday! Logan decided that playing with the toys in the play food drawer in the kitchen wasn't enough - he needed to be IN the drawer too

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