Saturday, December 01, 2007

Elementary 24 names...

So today was the second Elementary 24 Naming Committee meeting. You might remember that at our last meeting we narrowed the choices down to five - Blue Sky, Blue Skies, Meeker, Coyote Ridge and River Valley. The purpose of the meeting today was to narrow the choices down to three to submit to the school board with our recommendation of which one we'd choose. Well, let's just say that those five I just listed are nothing like the names being submitted to the school board...

The names that will be submitted are:

1. Blue Mountain Elementary
2. Summit View Elementary
3. Cloverleaf Elementary
4. Dry Creek Elementary

Blue Mountain? This choice was very popular among all naming committee members other than me. Yes, it's the name of an actual mountain somewhere west of here but it just doesn't sit well with me for some reason. However since it's the committee's number one choice the likelihood that the board will choose it is extremely high.

Summit View? Again, not a name I liked but the other naming committee members loved it. It just seems too generic to me and I don't like that there are several other Summit View schools in Colorado. Bleh.

Cloverleaf Elementary? This was submitted by a child who is on the naming commitee and I think that's the only reason it made it so high on the list. I mean, it doesn't exactly fit the naming criteria so I can't imagine the school board actually choosing it. Honestly the only reason it's on the list is because she was in the room and no one could crush her little hopes and dreams.

Dry Creek Elementary? This is my favorite of the bunch but you'll notice it's at the bottom of the list. If you go by number of votes that we did this morning, Dry Creek should be off the list (I was the only one to vote for it during our final vote), but given that Cloverleaf isn't a valid option it was included too.

So, yes, our top three is technically a top four though one should be disqualified. The feedback I got on here and talking to friends and neighbors was so overwhelmingly positive for Blue Skies but it was knocked out of the running early in our meeting today. My voice could not be heard over the cheers for Blue Mountain.

There you have it :) The school board meets January 9th to officially decide the names of the three new elementary schools so if you feel strongly that it shouldn't be Blue Mountain feel free to contact your school board representative or show up and make some noise. Or, if you love Blue Mountain, set me straight and tell me why it's such a great name!

I'm sure it'll grow on me by the time the boys start school...

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