Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Connor's 4 year appointment

Connor had his 4 year check-up on Monday and he's doing well! He weighs exactly 34 pounds (25th percentile) and is 41 inches tall (3 ft 5 in, 70th percentile). He's in the same weight percentile and just slightly lower on the height percentile from his 3 year appointment. He had to have a shot, which for the life of me I can't remember what is was, and also a blood draw. He was so very brave for both - no tears but he did want to snuggle after the shot :)

They don't usually do a blood draw at 4 but I asked for a lead test since we did have some of those recalled toys. I was reassured that our doctor has done many of these lead tests over the last few months and has yet to have one come back positive. We'll have Logan tested at his appointment in January too since he is much more likely to have chewed on those toys than Connor!

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