Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rhyann's a big sister!

Today at 1:08 am Connor's friend Rhyann officially became a big sister! Little sister Savannah came into the world just a few days before her due date but she was in a big rush to get here! She weighs 7lb 1oz and is 20 inches long. I visited her today and had my camera with me but completely forgot to take any photos! She has a full head of beautiful light brown mixed with blonde hair (it truly looks like she has highlights, just like Rhyann had when she was born) and the longest feet you've ever seen. :) Congratulations Shannon, Jason and Rhyann!

Since I don't have a picture of Savannah yet you'll have to settle for a picture of Rhyann and Connor being human tunnels last night. We watched Rhyann for a couple hours during what turned out to be Shannon's last OB appointment!

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