Sunday, January 13, 2008

He shared his...underwear?!

Yes, I'll explain that post title! On Friday night we went to Kohl's and bought Connor 3 packs of underwear. They were "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" so Connor picked out a package with baseball team names, another with Shrek characters and another with characters from the Cars movie. Connor was very excited to get them washed right away so he could wear some the next day.

No problem. I washed and dried them and they were neatly sitting in a laundry basket outside his door just waiting to be put away when he woke up. So, of course, he came out of his room first thing in the morning and insisted on putting on a new pair of underwear right then. Great. He chose Shrek and we all laughed because they've got a big old Shrek face right on his bottom. Hilarious. :)

I know, you're waiting for the sharing part. So, on Saturday morning our friends Dave and Ruthie came to visit from Greeley. Oh, right, not just Dave and Ruthie, but also their 3 1/2 year old daughter Liberty. Connor and Liberty were playing in Connor's room and watching a Silly Songs video and we had checked on them every few minutes but I thought I'd show Ruthie Connor's new bed so we both walked up the stairs. And what did we find? Connor in the hallway holding Liberty's pull-up. Strange...did she have an accident? No. Was she naked? No, in fact the door to his room was closed as he was apparently giving her some privacy. We opened the door to find, you guessed it, Liberty wearing Shrek underwear. Connor was so excited about his Shrek underwear that he had shared a pair with his friend. Of course now that she was wearing Shrek underwear he wanted to wear something different so he quickly changed into baseball underwear and ran downstairs to show Jeremy and Dave this new pair.

Who knew that I'd ever be having a conversation with my child about how sharing is good but not when it comes to underwear? :) Oh and I left out the part about how he could have chosen a better friend to share underwear with - Liberty's Dad is a police officer and since she's a girl and the only child I have a feeling he already has big plans for boys who even look at his daughter the wrong way let alone share his underwear with her! haha


  1. Wow! That would have been a sight! I would have been rolling on the floor laughing! How fun!

  2. How cute, what a story to tell in a few years. At least he closed the door and left the room. I'd like to hear the reactions of Dave and Ruthie.