Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's only November 24th, right?

Connor and Jeremy put up our Christmas tree while I was out at a Moms Night Out last night and then put the train around it tonight. The tree isn't decorated yet (well, except for the tiny "Logan" bear ornament that was apparently left on last year and the Spiderman ball ornament that Connor plays with year round) but I'm betting it will be finished tomorrow. They also managed to find red and green CFLs to put in our outdoor light fixtures. :) With Thanksgiving being early this year it seems crazy to me that there's almost a full week left in November and our tree is already up! I'm hoping they'll wait until next weekend to put up more outside lights!

Logan is fascinated by all the Christmas decorations we've seen in stores and was very surprised to toddle into the living room this morning to see the tree. He was asleep when Jeremy and Connor put it up so he was not at all expecting a tree to grow overnight in the spot where all his toys used to be. He didn't touch it much today but spent a lot of time staring at it! :)

This morning Connor sat on Santa's lap for the first time this year and went blank when Santa asked what he wants for Christmas. All he could remember was that Logan wants a fire truck! Afterwards he was upset that he didn't remember all the stuff he wants but we reassured him it wouldn't be last time he'd see Santa before the big day and that he could always write him another letter (yeah, the first letter was written on November 1st) and either send it to Santa or bring it with him the next time.

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  1. You've got your tree up already? Wow! I'm still deciding whether we should just use the small plastic tree we have or get a REAL one like we did last year.