Sunday, November 11, 2007

43 more shopping days...

Despite the gigantic displays in every store in town, Christmas is still 43 days away...1034 hours from the time I'm typing this. Don't tell Connor, though, because he is already fully immersed in the Christmas spirit - on the way to school on Friday he asked me to sing Christmas carols (wow, gotta brush up on some lyrics quick!) and he's already making his list for Santa. His favorite art activity at home these days involves collecting the ads from the Sunday paper and the catalogs we get in the mail and then cutting out the pictures of all the stuff he wants. He sets everything up on the kitchen table, gets out his trusty blue safety scissors and goes to town. Occasionally he'll ask me how much something costs but he really doesn't care, of course, and cuts the item out no matter what number I say. He's not completely selfish, though, since he's cut out a few things for Rhyann (whose birthday is today!) and Logan too, though the items for Rhyann are just anything pink and the items for Logan look suspiciously like something Connor wants. He also asks if he's old enough for some toys even though you can bet if he's asking the answer is no. :) He collects each cutout picture in his Halloween bucket and is planning on taking them to the mall when we visit Santa. He says that Santa will only get the right stuff if he has the picture to look at, not just a list. :) It's really cute.

Last week he also started asking all kinds of questions about Santa: "How exactly does he get in our house? How does he get through our fireplace since it has a screen on it? How do all the reindeer fit on our roof? How do they fly? Why do they like to eat carrots? Don't they like celery or apples or cupcakes? What kind of cookies are we going to leave for Santa? We'll have to leave his milk on the shelf so Logan won't spill it and Santa won't knock it over when he comes in. Will a train table fit down our chimney? What about a bike? And a fire engine scooter? And a fire engine for Logan? [To which I wonder, how many fire engines does one home need?] If Santa is still making my presents, why is he at the mall? Elves can't make my presents, Mommy, they have to buy them. Maybe that's why Santa is at the mall. Can I stay up and wait for Santa? What if I tip-toe, tip-toe, tip-toe to see him? When are we putting up our Christmas tree? Tomorrow? After Thanksgiving?!? Mommy!!!"

Yep, 43 more days of this :) It's a good thing we love Christmas around here!

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