Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Other name ideas

The naming committee has been emailing each other today with some of the feedback we've all been receiving and other name suggestions. Here are some of the thoughts....

1. Does the "meek" part of Meeker bother you?
2. Blue Sky/Blue Skies is getting mixed reaction. It's in the lead here but others think it sounds too Boulder-like. Also, there is a service called Blue Sky Bridge that helps children in abusive homes in Boulder County.
3. Some people are surprised that Meadow Mountain Elementary School isn't on the short list. We actually nixed it because the subdivision it's in is called Meadow Mountain and we wanted the name to be inclusive of everyone in the new school's boundary. We know it's also the name of an actual mountain visible from the school too. What do you think?
4. How about Dry Creek Elementary? Dry Creek is the name of the creek just south of the new school.
5. Coyote Ridge is getting good feedback. However, there is a Coyote Ridge school in Broomfield and there is already a "Ridge" school in Longmont - Prairie Ridge. Also, the school isn't technically on a ridge so it's a bit of a stretch anyway and might be confusing for kids - "where's the ridge?" Perhaps Coyotes should be the mascot?
6. Clover Basin was offered as a suggestion but there is a district technology/media center with that name on Clover Basin Drive.

So, would those thoughts change your vote? Would you vote for Dry Creek Elementary if it were an option? Someone suggested it could be the Dry Creek Coyotes. Comment away.... :)

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  1. You know, I really like Dry Creek. I work at Intrado, which is on Dry Creek Drive, and it is a very "Colorado" kind of name. Ok, I change my mind, I would add Dry Creek to the short (long) list.