Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Getting up at 4 am: Way too early

Driving to the nearest Toys R Us: Way too far

# of other customers in the store: Way too many

Standing in the checkout line for an hour with hundreds of other crazy people: PERFECT :)

I know, I'm one of those weird people who like to shop the day after Thanksgiving. It's a rush to wake up early and see if you can snag whichever item you deem to be the must-have of the season. People are in such good moods, even while waiting in line forever, and there is happy Christmas music playing in the background.

It's fun to watch the people who aren't used to this type of shopping - they're the ones slowly pushing their shopping carts down the aisles with eyes glazed over trying to read the ad that was handed to them at the door. They don't know where to find anything and spend lots of time going back and forth all over the store. First, a cart? No way. It only slows you down and makes getting from place to place through throngs of people much more difficult. Second, reading the ad in the store? Also, no way. We've been researching the deals online for weeks - scans of the newspaper ads are leaked to black friday websites while they're still being proofread. Third, not knowing where things are? You should always know the general location of the item you want most so you can go straight to it. Amateurs... :)

I didn't actually buy very much but the items I did get were great deals and sure to be big hits for Connor's birthday and Christmas!

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