Monday, November 12, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Connor has the option of staying an extra hour at school and bringing his lunch so occasionally we let him. Today I packed his lunch with a turkey sandwich (cut into 4 triangles), yogurt, apples, cheese and juice. At dinner tonight, we had this conversation...

Me: How was your lunch today, Connor?

Connor: Good. I ate 3 pieces of my sandwich but I didn't eat one piece.

Me: Oh? Were you full?

Connor (in a completely dramatic tone of voice): No. Elyse told me that eating turkey will make you DIE!

Yikes! He was obviously really concerned about it so Jeremy and I tried not to burst out laughing even though it was hilarious not only because of what he said but how he said it. We spent the rest of dinner trying to convince him that eating turkey won't kill you. Good thing we weren't having turkey for dinner tonight!

Let's hope this passes in the next ten days or Thanksgiving could be tough :)

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  1. *laughter*

    I can just hear him say that. I hope you were able to dissuade him of the dying effects of turkey. :-)

    I joined NaBloPoMo... Thanks!

    Liralen, aka Phyllis Rostykus