Sunday, November 25, 2007

Watch out Rhyann!

Jeremy's Mom and her husband weren't able to join us for Thanksgiving dinner so on the way home from Grandma and Papa's we dropped off some leftovers to them. They live in the same apartment complex as Rhyann and her family and as we were pulling away Connor said "I love Rhyann." Jokingly Jeremy and I asked almost at the same time "Do you want to marry her?" This thought had obviously never occurred to Connor before as he contemplated it for a brief second and then shouted "YES!" He asked how they would get married so I told him that they would get all dressed up and go to a church and gave him a quick rundown of the ceremony - do you take this woman, I do, do you take this man, I do, then you kiss, blah, blah, blah. "Kiss?" he asked, obviously more interested in that part that the I do's. "Yes, and then you are married." "Oh. And then we go home?" he asked. "Yes," I replied, "you go to your own home and you live with Rhyann forever." "Oh. I'm going to tell Rhyann we should get married." Jeremy and I just laughed. We tried to explain that this wouldn't happen until they were much older but he was convinced that this will happen sooner rather than later. Poor Rhyann! The next time they see each other Connor is probably going to try to kiss her and then think they're married! haha!

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