Wednesday, November 14, 2007

School names

The poll on my blog about names for our new elementary school will be ending tonight. It looks like the votes will end like this:

Blue Sky Elementary School - 9 votes (24%)
Blue Skies Elementary School - 14 votes (37%)
Coyote Ridge Elementary School - 10 votes (27%)
River Valley Elementary School - 3 votes (8%)
Meeker Elementary School - 1 vote (2%)

I said in the first post that there was going to be a more official poll open to residents of the school's boundary on the district website but it appears that's not going to happen. It also looks like the letter to boundary residents won't go out until after Thanksgiving. What that means is that the Naming Committee won't have as much community input as we originally thought and will have to rely on what we have gathered ourselves along with our own opinions to narrow the choices to three for the School Board to evaluate. In other words, if you still have an opinion that you want expressed, leave a comment here or send me an email! The Naming Committee meets again on December 1st and at that meeting we have to come up with the three names.

To refresh your memory and summarize (since I've posted about it a number of times), the five choices above are what the committee narrowed the submitted names down to at our first meeting in early November. Since then we've gotten a lot of feedback on those names and lots of new names to consider - the front runners of the new names appear to be Meadow Mountain, Dry Creek, Coyote something other than ridge (Plains, Meadows, etc), High Plains, Horizon, Pinnacle, and Sierra something (Ridge, Plains, etc). There are pros and cons to all the new names just as with the original list. Do any of them jump out at you? Let me know!

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