Sunday, November 18, 2007


Like a lot of kids his age, Connor loves to dip his food into assorted condiments. Some of his dipping choices are normal - ketchup for fries, honey mustard for chicken nuggets, salsa or queso for tortilla chips. However, he also has some strange ones that make us wonder if he has any tastebuds at all. For example, he regularly dips apples in barbeque sauce or chicken in yogurt. I knew he'd gone mad when he asked for mustard only on a hot dog one day. I know, there are crazy people out there who think this is how a hot dog should be eaten but we are a ketchup loving home! Haha!

But today took the cake (or fries, I guess). We had lunch at Wendy's and he put pepper on his fries. Not just a dash of pepper over a handful of fries but pepper meticulously applied to each fry immediately before eating it. After each one he would say, "Mmmm. I love pepper. Pepper is so healthy for you." Ok....

Then, Jeremy made some wonderful chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight. He put picante sauce on his own enchiladas and Connor wanted some too. Jeremy was a bit hesitant since it was hotter than what Connor usually has but put a little on the corner of Connor's plate. Connor ate that in one bite (without any enchilada to go along with it) and asked for Jeremy to put it all over his enchiladas. This kid has crazy tastebuds!

And you thought this post was going to be about something far different by the post title, huh? :)

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  1. Hey, Nikki! I just wanted to drop a quick line of hope. I am a firm and passionate member of the "pepper on fries" brigade. It is the only way to eat them, and your son's behavior proves without a doubt that he is an evolved individual. Not buying it? Well, at the very least you know from my example that he can still grow into a productive and somewhat normal member of society. -Meagan