Friday, November 02, 2007

Pole Position

The toy the Halloween Fairy brought Connor is a joystick that hooks up to the tv and has 4 games on it. I can't remember 2 of them right now (it's late) but the other two are Ms. Pac Man (a favorite of mine) and Pole Position (a driving game that Jeremy likes). The Halloween Fairy really just wanted to get Connor something cheap that involved a joystick since he wanted to play with the old one so badly so she wasn't really concernd with whether or not Connor would be good at any of the games, though they are all rated for 3 and older. Turns out, though, that his greatly improved driving skills in his Jeep do translate well to driving on a video game. He loves Pole Position and even though he's only played it for maybe 30 minutes total between yesterday and today, he is really good at it! He crashes into the billboards for fun now instead of because he forgot to turn :) It's really fun to watch!

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