Monday, November 05, 2007

Holy blog hits!

So on a normal day this little blog of ours gets 7 to 10 hits, mostly from family and real life friends but a few online friends and some random Google search results. I think the peak before today was a Tuesday a few weeks ago when we got 19 hits mostly based on a Google search for "top 25 inventions of the last 25 years" or something to that effect. I'm guessing a teacher somewhere assigned their students that topic for an essay because all the hits on that search term happened within hours of each other. Anyway, today blew that measly 19 out of the water. 81 hits so far today! 81! Wow! Ok so half of them came through the NaBloPoMo randomizer - you can browse through other sites participating in NaBloPoMo to see what everyone else is posting about. The other half, though, came from people visiting the Naming Commitee page since I posted about it and the poll on two Moms groups late last night. Yay! I've never had so much traffic...I suddenly feel pressure to say something important :) I just can't figure out what that would be! LOL

I went to a community meeting about the Clover Basin Community Park tonight. The city is in the process of designing an 80 acre park that will be just east of the new Elementary school. :) Seems they're building new stuff all around us! Anyway it was interesting to see the three concept plans and hear other people's thoughts on each. The three plans will be posted to the city's website tomorrow so when I see it I'll post the link so you can vote on your favorite! During the meeting, I sat just about two feet away from City Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Karen Benker. I was surprised she was there instead of doing some last minute campaigning just in case some voters are still taking their ballots directly to the clerk's office tomorrow (she didn't say a word all night which seemed odd to me).

What's up with all this civic-mindedness stuff, anyway? :) I promise some pictures of the boys soon!

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  1. Hi Nikki - wow, that's a LOT of hits! You inspired me to check mine, and they're up a lot too due to NaBloPoMo, although I'm still a long way from 81. :)

    Did I tell you that I work in Longmont? Very close to Clover Basin, actually. Where will the new park be?