Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Just some random thoughts today...

1. The high temp here today was around 70 degrees. We're still in Colorado and it's still November, right? I get my answer tomorrow when the high drops to 35 with "flurries, fog, reduced visibility and freezing drizzle" according to Kathy Sabine. :) Yikes! Better gather up the boys' coats, hats and gloves tonight!

2. Last weekend we went to Party America to get the invitations for Connor's birthday party and as we were walking slowly through the card aisles Logan was quietly studying all the cards at his eye level. He reached one with a bikini clad woman on it, stopped in his tracks and said "Ohhh, WOW" :) He's only two and is already drooling over the opposite sex!

3. We're making another Thankful Turkey like we did last year. Today I asked Connor what he was thankful for and he replied "I am thankful best friend, Logan." Awwww!

4. Logan can count to ten! I'm not sure how it happened but Jeremy was counting with him while Logan was taking a bath the other night and Logan only missed a few numbers. Since then he's been saying them all more consistently! Yay! I haven't counted his words lately because there are just so many of them! Did I tell you we're reducing his speech therapy to every other week? It's so exciting that he's making such great progress :)

5. No matter where you stand politically, how cool is it that Obama is so technologically inclined? "Radio" addresses posted on YouTube, he wants to be the first President to have a laptop in the Oval office, and he's disappointed he has to give up his Blackberry for security reasons! I think it's great and makes him feel more accessible and intelligent. Though, if it were me, I'd probably be caught harvesting crops on my Facebook farm or checking my Google Reader during important security briefings!

6. Connor has been working hard on writing his letters recently (I know, despite his being challenged and all! haha). On the way to school today he asked me to spell several "L" words (L is the letter they're focusing on this week). First was lollipop. Then he asked for look. Then lick. Finally lady. When we got to school I read his paper which appeared to say:


I couldn't help but laugh :) The letters were really great though! Well, the k in lick looked strangely like an E or an F but k's are pretty hard. He did much better on the uppercase K he made in LOOK!

Wow I could've stretched that into six posts for you but I crammed it all into one since I'm feeling bad for the super short one last night! Don't say I never consider your feelings, my faithful fifteen readers! haha

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