Saturday, November 22, 2008


If you've ever been to our house you know that our living room has to be arranged just right in order for our Christmas tree to fit. After a fun birthday party at Sunflower Farms this morning, we spent most of the rest of the day cleaning and rearranging the living room so that next Friday we can put up our tree! It seems so strange to be thinking about Christmas when it hasn't even really snowed yet but the calendar says Thanksgiving is next week so I guess it's true! :)

Jeremy has all of next week off of work and the boys don't have school either so we're trying to figure out what to do all week. I'm sure there will be trips to the library, the Y, and the mall play area but we're also hoping to do some fun things like ice skating at Roosevelt Park and baking some pies for Thanksgiving!

This is the discussion we had about dinner tonight:

Me: What should we have for dinner?

Connor: Noodles! [as in Noodles and Co., one of Connor's favorite places to eat out]

Jeremy: But we had noodles last night.

Connor: No we didn't, we ate at home.

Jeremy: Right. And we ate noodles.

Connor: Nooo, Daddy! We had psquetti!

Jeremy: What do you think spaghetti is made of?

Connor: String. Oh, and sauce.


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  1. Perspective is a funny thing - I'm excited that I HAVE seen snow before Christmas! :) In Texas you have to decorate for Christmas when it's 60 and 70 degrees and snow usually happens once a year, in January or February. I'm ecstatic that I've seen flurries 4 times and it's only November! Hahaha.

    Moral of the Story: If you like winter - don't move to Texas! :)