Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is it!

The last day of November is finally here! :) As promised, pictures from yesterday...

The snow was so beautiful clinging to the trees!

Bailey waiting for Jeremy to throw a ball for her and Connor playing behind her

Connor was having so much fun running around and throwing snow balls that it was hard to take his picture! This one gives you a good idea of how much fun he was having though!

Last year Logan didn't like the snow very much - he does not like to be cold! Yesterday, though, he was having a ball making snow balls and throwing them!

After dinner the boys wrestled in the living room and I got a couple good pictures

So, that's it! November is done and another NaBloPoMo is over. Yay! I made it! :) Don't worry, I'll keep up with the posting but just not every day because, really, our lives just aren't that interesting! haha :)

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