Thursday, November 06, 2008


I almost forgot to post today! Oh no! :)

Nothing very exciting happened today. In fact, the differences between yesterday and today are are very minor...both days I went into the office all day and Jeremy juggled his schedule to pick the boys up from school so I could stay there. Both days were filled with meetings and discussions and bugs and new versions and frustration that we're racing toward a deadline with software that doesn't work right. Tomorrow? More of the same for me, speech therapy for Logan and Jeremy has the whole day off to have fun with the kids :) At least when the day is over I get to go to a Moms Night Out! Woo hoo!

Sorry to not have anything more exciting's late and I'm tired! More tomorrow...

Oh wait - did you watch The Office tonight? It was even more hilarious than usual - I loved Jim and Pam talking on their bluetooths! Hysterical!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with software!

    And yes, we watched The Office and laughed hysterically! I like Kelly as the saboteur (sp?).

    Happy weekend!