Friday, November 28, 2008


It is finally REALLY snowing! Not just flurries but actual accumulation! Yay! Now it feels more like the holidays are here :)

Thanksgiving yesterday was great! We had tons of delicious food and lots of fun. My Dad, Connor, Logan and I went on a little hike after lunch and it was funny to see more differences between the boys - Connor loves setting out on an adventure and discovering new things while Logan would much rather stick to the comforts of home. :) He had to hold someone's hand the whole time and was really uneasy walking through the forest. He learned a new word, bumpy, and used it over and over again! We roasted marshmallows in the big stone fireplace and had a great time!

Today we continued the process of decorating for Christmas! Last weekend Jeremy and Connor put up the Christmas lights. I know, it was early, but last year it snowed the weekend after Thanksgiving and that snow stuck around for a long time so we never got around to decorating outside. This year we wanted to be sure it got done so we took advantage of the good weather to put up a few strands of lights and two reindeer. Today we set up the Christmas tree! For some reason we're dragging out the process a bit so tomorrow we'll add ornaments and maybe even the train around the bottom!

I didn't think I was going to do any Black Friday shopping today but I did end up going to Walmart early this morning to get some very discounted kids stuff - slippers, hoodies, etc. The lines were crazy but nothing like that crazy incident at the Walmart in New York thank goodness! We also went to the dollar store later and found some cool Spiderman stuff for Connor's birthday party next Saturday.

It's hard to believe it's just Friday but I'm looking forward to two more days with the family! :)

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