Monday, November 24, 2008

Boy, meet Kid

Remember Connor's imaginary friend Boy? He's still around. :) I still think it's strange that Boy is never in the same room as us but Connor talks to him on the phone or walkie-talkie and tells us about where he is or what he's doing all the time. Since I'd read that imaginary friends are more common in first borns, I guess I never really expected Logan to have one. However, it seems he does! Today Logan was talking on his play phone to someone named...get this...Kid. We asked if Kid was his friend and he said yes. We asked if Kid was a boy or a girl and he said kid. :) So we thought it was bad enough that Connor's friend didn't have a normal name but now we have another one who doesn't yet have a gender :) I wonder if Kid will be around for as long as Boy has!

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