Monday, June 09, 2008

Connor's friends (real and imaginary)

Ok so you probably remember that Connor has had an imaginary friend for about as long as he's been able to say the word "boy." Boy still comes around now and then and just today Connor was invited to Boy's birthday party by one of Boy's friends. He told me all about the invitation - it was purple (Connor's favorite color) and said that Boy was sick today (throwing up, in case you care) but that Connor should bring a gift for Boy and come eat cake. He wasn't sure when the party was going to be but I have a sneaky feeling it will be on the same night as a girls only birthday party I was just invited to! :)

Today when I got to the daycare/preschool place where Connor and Logan are going to "summer camp" two mornings a week they were both playing with friends and having a great time. This is just their second week there so I'm still learning all the new friends' names. When we got in the car I asked Connor what his friend's name was and he said "Sailor. She's my girlfriend." Sailor? Yep, her name is really Sailor. Girlfriend? "Yeah, we were going to nap together." Uh oh! :) I asked him if he's friends with anyone else in the class and he said, "Yeah, I like the boy with the Captain on his underpants. He brought cupcakes last week." Hmm...Andrew? "Yeah, Andrew." And he had what on his underpants? " know, Mom. Like Spiderman in my game?" Ohhhh...Captain America? "Oh , right! Captain America! Can I have Captain America underpants?"

So, our son has two friends at summer camp - a girl named Sailor and a boy with Captain America underpants. Lovely :)

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