Thursday, June 19, 2008

a few Logan tidbits...

Logan is smaller and much less opinionated right now so his tidbits aren't as plentiful as Connor's below :)

- Logan fell down our two backyard deck stairs onto the rocks last Monday (1/2 an hour before Connor's first t-ball game!) and injured his upper lip. It was really bloody and swelled up quickly but is healing nicely now :) This morning he stood on the deck and pointed down and said "ow." Yep, buddy, that's where you got that huge owie :)

- Logan's speech therapy is going really well and the tubes seem to be making a huge difference. He's making new sounds every day and coming up with new words all the time. My new favorite is "yeah." It's such a simple word but after months of only hearing "no" in response to questions it's wonderful!!

Papa and Logan walking in the park after the T-ball game

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