Thursday, June 05, 2008


It's been raining almost constantly since last night and so far today (as of the 11:08 a.m. update on our local newspaper's website) we've gotten .93 inches of rain. For many areas of the country that wouldn't be a big deal but for us it's A LOT of rain. We've only had 5.84 inches of precipitation so far this year and our average yearly precip is just under 13 inches so an inch pf rain in a single day is crazy! And, of course, today was supposed to be Connor's first tee ball practice. Yeah, I don't think that'll happen....

Logan had his post-op check-up today with the ENT and everything is looking good! I got to see the tube in his left ear which the doctor said "looks great" and I said "ewww." Connor really wanted to look too but the doctor let him be in charge of moving the chair up and down instead. Both boys got a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie from the nurse when they were done so I guess it was a pretty successful visit!

Connor is in the midst of the apparently common 4 year old name-calling phase. We try to keep him from calling people names so he's started renaming objects just to be silly. He noticed that we have a broken sandbox shovel in the garage and said "I'm going to call this 'broken digger wonga wonga'." Or when eating waffles the other day he decided to call them floofy pancake waffle-amas. It's pretty funny :)

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  1. At least they are not BAD names like some 4 year olds we know... :<