Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Wow another day so busy I haven't had time to stop and think about a blog post! Did I mention my company has a major software release next Monday and I'm the primary tester for it? The software is new with parts written by 4 different programmers and has big changes made to it every day still so it's really stressful and time consuming...

Jeremy has juggled his schedule so much this week to make it possible for me to be in the office every day except Tuesday! I miss snuggling with the boys when they wake up from naps :) Today Jeremy picked the boys up from school and I missed hearing about Connor's day as we walk to Logan's class to pick him up. I also missed laughing with Logan's teacher about how they can set their watches to his dirty diaper schedule. Too bad he still has no interest in the potty!

I ended up with an extra "I Voted!" sticker in my pocket when I got home last night so I left it on Connor's chair and he was so excited to find it this morning. He wore it to school and still had it on just before bed tonight. He took it off his shirt and put it on mine and said, "Mommy, you need to wear this tonight. Don't take your shirt off and put on your jammies because you have to be able to see this sticker all night. Every time you wake up you should look at it and think of me and also Logan, Daddy, Bailey, Rock Obama and God and then me again. Ok?" So cute!

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