Friday, November 14, 2008

Night one went well!

The boys did well sleeping in the same room last night! In case you were thinking they might wake up earlier than usual or wake each other up, no worries there - that happened before they were in the same room! Since Logan has been in the toddler bed he goes straight into Connor's room when he wakes up and vice versa. We tried putting a gate in Logan's doorway to deter him a bit so we'd hear him before he made it to Connor's door but it didn't help at all; he'd just stand at the gate and cry out for Connor which would wake us all up!

Nap time was pretty normal but they just switched rooms for it - Logan slept in his bed in Connor's room and Connor "rested" in Logan's old room. Connor is slowly dropping his naps so he spends some of rest time reading, some playing quietly, and some time sleeping on most days. Now he'll just do that in Logan's old room so that he won't disturb Logan's nap and can still have access to all the books, toys, etc.

So, sharing a room is going well so far! We'll probably spend some time tomorrow cleaning and rearranging both rooms so that one is officially the boys' bedroom and the other is officially a playroom!

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