Monday, November 03, 2008


Today was an absolutely crazy day. I had to go in the office for a few hours while the boys were at school. We have a big software release next Monday for which I'm the primary tester and since I'll be gone tomorrow there was a lot to do. I've worked most of the day and just stopped a few minutes ago to read over my 2000 General Election Judge Manual. :)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow but I have to be at the polling place in less than 8 hours so I'll make this a quick post.

Funny story from tonight...

Connor: Mommy, where are you going tomorrow?

Me: I'm going to help people vote.

Connor: Oh, so they can vote for Rock Obama?

Me: Maybe. Or whoever they want to vote for.

Connor: Well, I already voted.

Me: Oh? Who did you vote for?

Connor: Rock Obama, Mom! I already told you!

Me: Oh, right.

Jeremy: I already voted too.

Connor: You did? Did you vote for Rock Obama?

Jeremy: Actually, no.

Connor (very loudly): WHAT?? But our whole family has to vote for Rock Obama! I chose Rock Obama and everyone has to vote for him! John McCain is going to lose. I decided that our family is voting for Rock Obama. We can't vote for different people!

Jeremy: Well everyone can choose who they want. We don't have to choose the same person.

Connor: Yes we do! Daddy, Rock Obama is going to win. You have to vote for him.

Jeremy: Why?

Connor: Because if you vote for John McCain he's going to take your tax! He said he was going to take everyone's tax and I don't want to give him my tax. [Uh, yeah, he watched maybe ten minutes of the second debate and this is what he took away from it.]

Me: Do you know what a tax is?

Connor: Well, no, but John McCain is going to take all our tax. You shouldn't vote for him.

Hilarious :)

Don't forget to vote tomorrow if you haven't already! My post tomorrow may be short depending on when I get home but I'll try to let you know how it went!

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