Monday, November 17, 2008

Connor's almost 5!

So we finally caved on Connor's request of birthday party location and activity. Yep, our December baby is turning 5 (yeah, I know, not a baby anymore!) and for the last couple months he has been asking for a pool party. In Colorado. Did I mention his birthday is in December? Yeah...

We went to a party at the Erie Community Center last month and, even though that party wasn't a pool party, Connor saw the pool from the party room and immediately decided that was the place he wanted his party. Then Jeremy took the boys there a couple weekends ago to check out the pool and swim and they loved it! Jeremy talked to the lifeguard who said that lots of 4/5 year olds have their parties there and they have a blast! The water is really shallow so I guess they don't have to be great swimmers which is good. So I guess we're having a pool party with a Spiderman theme!

Connor and I narrowed the guest list tonight (since our package only allows for 10 kids) and as I was writing out the invitations he read his name and was very disappointed that I'd only written Connor and not "Connor Spiderman". :)

He has the whole thing planned out and adds some new detail to the plan all the time...

He wanted me to write on the invitation that everyone should wear their Halloween costumes (since he dressed as Spiderman he thinks that everyone has a Spiderman costume) and bring a musical instrument for the parade he plans on having after he eats cake. Oh and I'm supposed to take Logan to the party room, make everyone be quiet, turn off the lights and then call Daddy on his cell phone to tell him we're ready. Then Jeremy is supposed to drive Connor to the place (while we all sit in the dark I guess!) and we're supposed to jump out from behind tables and yell surprise! He did say that I would be allowed to be standing while the lights were off so I would be ready to take pictures of the surprised look on his face when people yell surprise. Logan, too, can be out from under the table because he might bonk his head if he stands up underneath it. That's very thoughtful but I don't get the whole surprise thing - he knows he's having a birthday party! He's even practiced his surprised look! He knows he's having a Spiderman cake (it comes with the party package) but he wants to bring two raisins from home to put in the eyes. No, I don't know why. He wants Spiderman candles but said that if we can't find any then he won't be sad. Oh good. He also wants to play a game with his friends in the water so we'll have to think of something for that one.

I guess it's good he knows what he wants, even if they are pretty strange ideas! :)

For those of you who remember the survey you took at his first birthday party, yes we'll reveal the results around his birthday. We'll also have another one for people to make predictions about what 2013 will be like (when he turns 10)! I only remember a few of my own answers but I'm sure it'll be fun to look back and see what people thought the gas prices would be, who would be the President-elect (I'm sure no one guessed Obama!), etc!

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