Friday, December 22, 2006

Twas the Friday before Christmas...

Jeremy had today off (this is their observance of Christmas Eve day since it falls on a Sunday) and we had a pretty relaxing day. We did manage to make it out of the house for the first time in almost two days for some last minute Christmas shopping. Connor was able to go to preschool and had fun playing in the snow there with his friend Ryan. They also made and decorated gingerbread men ornaments as gifts for the parents. Connor was excited that his was the only one to have a RED scarf - the other kids' gingerbread men had yellow scarves. :) We finally got some of our Christmas presents wrapped while Connor was gone, though they're not under the tree yet because we're not sure he could control himself and not open them!

As part of our last minute Christmas shopping, Jeremy and Logan and I went to Target. Jeremy was carrying Logan in the Baby Bjorn (front carrier) and not once, not twice, but THREE times WOMEN said something like "Oh what a cute little girl!" or "Wow she is sure having fun!" SHE?!?!?! Ok, "she" was wearing white socks (gender neutral, I'd say), blue pants (didn't we just learn that blue is for boys?) and a gray onesie covered in blue footballs and red football helmets. Now, obviously these women weren't close enough to distinguish that they were footballs and helmets so I'll throw that part out, but weren't the gray shirt and blue pants enough? Or do people assume that if a baby doesn't have a lot of hair that it's a girl? Or does Logan look particularly "girly" (whatever that means)? Or is it just as simple as people assume a baby is the same gender that they are? One of these days I'm going to get up the guts to say "Excuse me, but what makes you think this baby is a girl?" For now, though, I just bite my tongue, say thank you or smile or whatever seems nice and semi-appropriate at the time and we walk away and laugh. :)

The BIG news of the day, though, is that LOGAN IS LEARNING TO BE MOBILE!!! He is lifting up his body and trying to figure out how to get in a crawling position! He doesn't really move - yet - just the occasional backwards slide as his knees slide out from under him. It's so exciting! He'll probably be crawling all over the place before we know it - and definitely before we're ready!

Look - his belly is off the ground!

Lovely drool - but here he is with belly off the ground again!

And, of course, we're in love with YouTube these days so here's a video of it! He lifts himself up twice and you'll know it's coming when Connor walks in front of the camera...haha! :)

We are watching our friends' dog, Chance, while they are off visiting family for Christmas. Chance is the sweetest dog ever and so great with kids - he lets Connor hug him and even let Logan pet him and pull his hair a bit today.

Anyway, here's a shot of Connor and Chance...

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