Monday, December 04, 2006

Trimming the tree

Ugh it's happened again! More problems with posting pictures. I know I shouldn't complain because Blogger is, after all, a free service but...I'm going to anyway. Why oh why do they make it so difficult?? :)
Anyway, I've found a new way to post pictures so they look a little smaller here but you can still click on them to see a larger version. And hopefully I won't go over my 300 MB limit using this method. Why only a 300 MB limit??? I'd be willing to pay for more space!
Anyway, we trimmed our tree on Sunday. Here are just a few of the pictures we took that day...

Yummy hand!

Throw the know you want's right there...come on!

The human tunnel

Our perfect presents hanging out under the tree, watching the choo-choo go round and round. Logan would get angry when the train would do out of sight (hey! what happened to my train?) but then would be giddy when it came around again. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Poor kid!

I love my brother!
Stop! No more pictures, Mom!

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