Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blizzard, the sequel

Snow, snow, snow....
What more can I say? It's snowing again. The snow from the last storm hasn't melted yet, of course, so it's just new snow on top of old, dirty snow. And this snow is heavier and wetter than last week's so it'll probably be more difficult to clear. We haven't fully recovered from the last hit - stores are low on supplies and many gas stations are out of gas because they haven't gotten their regular deliveries, many side streets haven't seen a plow at all, and some people in Longmont haven't had trash service or mail delivery in a week! Jeremy went to King Soopers on Tuesday and said it was a strange sight - the produce, milk, bread and meat sections were decimated. We went to Wal-mart for a few items today and found that many items were severely depleted (almost all the bread, ground beef and ground turkey, even hot dogs and frozen pizzas of all things) but that the things we really wanted were there (milk, eggs, bagels, soup). Everyone's trying to stock up for this storm but the store's are too far behind from the last!

We have about 4 inches of new snow tonight and it's piling up quickly; I just heard a report that Boulder has 13" of new snow tonight! Jeremy's work announced it will be closed tomorrow around 2 pm today - it hadn't even really started snowing at that point but the forecasters had us all on high alert. Connor's preschool is closed tomorrow too. Ordinarily that would be ok but it's particularly sad this time because it was to be his lead teacher's last day. Wendy has been his teacher the whole six months he's been there and it's sad to see her go. She's leaving for a good reason, to teach kindergarten at the same elementary school her daughter attends, just four blocks from her home. But we'll miss her!

I'll update on the snow tomorrow, but here are some pictures from yesterday and today for your viewing pleasure :)

A picture of Logan's first taste of green beans. He really did taste them, too, not just wear them :)

The boys hanging out in Logan's room today.

Connor was saying "I love my baby Logan" in this pic while Logan appears to be thinking either "Eh, you're ok too." or "Mom, help!"

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