Sunday, October 28, 2007


Have I ever mentioned how much I love fall and pumpkin patches? I know, you're sick of reading about them and seeing pics of the boys with pumpkins. It'll all be over in a few days, right? :) Until then....

We went back to our favorite pumpkin patch this afternoon for one last hurrah before Halloween. You just can't beat a pumpkin patch for cheap entertainment for kids and adults! And it was so nice out today we just had to spend more time outside :)

The boys together


Staring longingly at Connor on a ride

Daddy took Logan on the train. He was really happy!

Logan loved playing with all the different shapes and textures of squash but for some reason really didn't like this one!

We ran into Rhyann and her family there so Connor wore Rhyann's witch hat for a bit

It was a good thing we didn't wait to buy pumpkins until today, though! They had really been picked over so there were very few left that weren't rotten or very lopsided :)

Tonight after dinner we carved our two biggest pumpkins. Connor wanted to help scrape out the inside until he realized it was slimy!

Here's the end result...

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